Men’s Groups vs an Addiction Recovery Retreat

Anyone who is considering drug and alcohol treatment for men can become overwhelmed by all of the different programs that exist today. Figuring out which type of treatment is the best option can be challenging, but it’s extremely important. The program you enroll in has a dramatic impact on the likelihood of long-term recovery.

Two popular types of men’s addiction recovery programs are therapy groups and addiction recovery retreats. Keep reading to learn the key differences between participating in a men’s group versus an addiction retreat. 

An Addiction Recovery Retreat is More Individualized

Men’s groups are just that – a group. The coaching is done together with input from everyone who’s participating. While you can get feedback, advice and support dealing with your individual issues, it’s not a true individualized form of drug or alcohol rehab for men.

An addiction recovery retreat on the other hand does include individual mentoring with trained support specialists. In fact, the first step in the process is meeting with a Retreat Mentor to create an individual recovery plan.

Men’s Groups Are Lower Commitment 

When you get support through a men’s group you aren’t enrolling in a treatment program. You aren’t even signing up for regular sessions. Often group therapy like AA meetings are open to anyone who wants to join when they can join. There’s no commitment to attend a certain number of meetings or to even actively participate. 

However, if you do take part and build relationships with other members of the group it can actually boost your commitment to staying in therapy and remain sober. 

Being part of an addiction recovery retreat is a serious commitment. You are agreeing to stay onsite for at least 30 days to fully immerse yourself in a supportive environment. You will have regular conversations with recovery mentors as you discover the causes of your addiction and what’s needed to break free. Self-work, reflection and life skills training will be a daily occurrence that you are expected to participate in, which means you must be committed.

Addiction Recovery Retreats Are More Diverse

A men’s group provides an important form of healing, but it is very singular in its focus. The sessions don’t expand beyond group mentoring. This is in stark contrast to an addiction recovery retreat. Addiction retreats follow a holistic healing philosophy that is supported by a variety of modalities.

Any Length retreats are the perfect example. Our retreats include:

  • Individual mentoring
  • Group mentoring
  • Peer support
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Family coaching
  • Meditation training
  • Physical training
  • Trauma healing yoga sessions
  • Nutrition and wellness classes

There is even life skills training so that participants are in a better position to transition to sober living on their own. It’s a diverse range of healing modalities that’s needed to address the complexity of addiction and the effects it has on all aspects of life.

As the country faces a drug epidemic like we’ve never seen before, all forms of addiction therapy provide value. What’s most important is that you find the form of addiction treatment that will address your needs and that you can stick with so long-term sobriety is possible.

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