Cocaine & Crack Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine & Crack Cocaine Addiction Treatment at Any Length Retreat

Substance use disorders like cocaine addiction are serious diseases with destructive and life-threatening ramifications. It is important to seek cocaine addiction treatment from reputable professionals and not attempt to recover on your own. At Any Length Retreat, we address a variety of substance use disorders and can help you successfully conquer your addiction. Contact us to get cocaine addiction help today. You and your family deserve to have your lives back!

Crack Cocaine Addiction Treatment in Austin, TX

Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant in white powdered form, derived from the leaves of the South American coca plant. Crack is a crystallized form of the powdered substance cocaine, made when the standard form is dissolved in water and baking soda, boiled to separate the solids, and then cooled and cut into rocks. The result, known for the distinctive crackling sound it makes during the boiling process, has to be snorted or smoked for the effects to be felt, meaning the chemicals reach the brain faster and more directly than when powdered cocaine is ingested. Crack is potentially more deadly and addictive than its already dangerous counterpart.

According to Science and Practice Perspectives, it could take as little as one hit of cocaine or crack cocaine for the brain to be effectively rewired. As soon as the drug is consumed, it strikes the brain’s mesolimbic dopamine system, forcing the production of the brain’s dopamine neurotransmitter. This chemical pathway makes the user feel instantly rewarded or pleasured and creates strong anticipation for more of those same feelings. The strength with which dopamine is released after a hit of cocaine or crack far exceeds any satisfaction from any natural, healthy activities that would normally cause dopamine release. In fact, the drug stops the brain’s ability to break down and reabsorb dopamine, effectively putting the user into a state of frenzied stimulation and dependency, always in need of the next fix.

Any Length Retreat specializes in addiction treatment in Austin, TX that uses unique recovery systems for men with cocaine and crack cocaine addiction. Learn more about our retreats and how we can help you or your loved one recover from substance use disorder.

Signs and Symptoms of Cocaine and Crack Cocaine Addiction

Signs and symptoms of drug use

Cocaine and crack cocaine have telltale signs of use, but these signs can often vary from person to person. The most important part of identifying an addiction is considering your loved one’s typical behavior and how these new behavioral patterns differ from that. Remember, addictions can present themselves as physical, emotional, psychological, behavioral, or social symptoms.

There are a number of general warning signs to look for if you are concerned someone you love is addicted to cocaine or crack:

  • Weight loss due to decreased appetite, which could lead to malnutrition.
  • Cracked lips if the drug is smoked, persistently runny nose if it is snorted.
  • Loss of smell and chronic sinus infections if the drug is snorted.
  • Requiring higher amounts of the drug to get the same effect (tolerance).
  • Spending more time using and recovering from the effects of the drug.
  • Sleep disruptions and persistent fatigue.
  • Depression, anxiety, agitation, and irritability.
  • Intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms if the drug is stopped.
  • Continued use even if the drug is causing serious social and professional problems.

Effects of Cocaine & Crack Cocaine on the Mind & Body

Effects of Cocaine & Crack Cocaine on the Mind & Body

Many people want to know, is crack more addictive than cocaine? The answer is both substances are dangerously addictive. 

Both cocaine and crack produce intense feelings of euphoria when ingested, better known as a “high.” However, the effects of both are short-lived, lasting only about 15 minutes, leading the user to seek out more of the drug to maintain the initial reward. In addition, cocaine and crack users quickly develop a tolerance to the drug, meaning they will need larger amounts over time to reach their desired level of benefit.

In addition to the high produced by cocaine, the drug also produces the following effects:

  • Increased blood pressure and heart rate, sometimes to dangerous levels
  • Elevated body temperature, possibly dangerous levels at times
  • Sleep disturbances and inability to sleep
  • Loss of appetite
  • Hyper-stimulation, excitability, and irritability
  • Hallucinations and psychosis

How to Get Help for Crack Cocaine Addiction

step 5 in AA

It’s easy to feel helpless watching someone struggle with cocaine or crack cocaine addiction. It’s even worse if that someone is your husband, son, father, or best friend.  It’s tempting to try to care for them yourself by providing them with whatever love, support, or money will get them through it. You try to give them shelter and protect them from themselves.  The truth is, you need to get help for crack cocaine addiction. The cycle of addiction to cocaine or crack isn’t easily broken. Your loved one needs to seek professional help to overcome their substance use disorder.

At Any Length Retreat, we ensure that your loved one is guided safely and successfully through the various stages of their recovery journey so they can overcome addiction and get a fresh start to life. Getting help for crack cocaine addiction is one of the greatest acts of love you can do for your loved one. If you need assistance talking to your loved one about recovery, please reach out to us 24/7. We are here to help you!

Recovery After Getting Professional Cocaine Addiction Help

outdoor recovery after addiction

Cocaine and crack are highly addictive substances that typically cannot be stopped without professional drug addiction treatment.  At Any Length Retreat we offer a number of solutions and therapies that focus on healing the whole individual – mind, body, and spirit.

We provide a number of cocaine and crack cocaine addiction treatments including:

  • Residential Rehab
    • 30 Day Intensive
    • 60 Day
    • 90 Day
  • Individualized Treatment Plans
  • 12 Step Facilitation
  • Social Learning Therapy
  • Community Involvement
  • Group Therapy
  • Fitness & Wellness
  • Mindfulness & Meditation

By addressing the inherent causes of addiction rather than just their symptoms (trigger, cravings, etc.) men and their families achieve fundamental, lifelong recovery as well as a new freedom and a new purpose. 

The Highest-Rated Men’s Addiction Treatment in Austin, TX

If you or your loved one suffers from cocaine or crack cocaine addiction, please contact us today. We are here to help you 24/7, free of charge and no commitment. Our addiction recovery retreats are open to men of all ages, including teens, college students, young men, and adults. The best thing you can do for yourself or your loved one is reach out for help. Get on the path to your best life today with the highest-rated men’s addiction treatment in Central Texas. Our compassionate and supportive admissions staff is standing by to help you, day and night.

*Any Length Retreat is a supportive, educational recovery system and community. It is not a substitute for psychotherapy, clinical or medical treatment for substance use disorders or mental health disorders.

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