Discover our Lifetime Recovery Community™

At Any Length Retreat, when we say we help you recover for life, we mean it. 

 That’s why we don’t just work with you for 60 days, 90 days, or however long you stay with us. We walk with you for life.

Every graduate of Any Length Retreat is part of our Lifetime Recovery Community™, a signature part of our program that is unparalleled in the industry. 

Most treatment centers only offer support during the time you’re there, but at Any Length Retreat, we have an open-door policy for life, meaning you can return to Any Length anytime, for any reason.

Want a friend to talk to, someone who understands the journey you’re on?

You’ve got our number.

Feeling triggered or tempted to use?

Come for a walk at our peaceful recovery residence or chat with a mentor who can help you stay centered and on the right path.

Need a safe place to crash for the weekend?

We’ll find a bed for you.

In Addition To Our Open-Door Policy, We Also Offer:

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Alumni Support Groups

Ongoing connection with your mentor

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Referrals to the larger recovery community in Austin and/or your city 

Sober living resources

We believe that every man can achieve sustainable, lifelong freedom from addiction, but lasting recovery requires ongoing support.

Our Lifetime Recovery Community™ is key to delivering on our promise to help men find freedom from addiction once and for all.

Never Feel Alone Again

If you’ve been to treatment before, you know the drill: You check in, build a relationship with a therapist and the staff, and start to get better; but then, when your 28 days are up, you’re left to navigate life on your own.


This isn’t the fault of the many wonderful treatment professionals working at traditional rehab facilities; it’s a limitation imposed by insurance, governments, and the clinical approach to treatment so common in Texas today.


Any Length Retreat is different because we are not bound by bureaucracy, and we are free to implement policies that work for the men we serve, not the insurance companies.


Our love-based approach to drug and alcohol rehab means we treat men as family, not as clients or patients. As a graduate of Any Length Retreat, you are part of a brotherhood of men working to live happy, sober lives—lives of purpose and meaning. This brotherhood, which includes our staff who are also in recovery, isn’t just here to help you get sober; it’s here to help you stay sober.


With the right support, you truly can achieve sustainable, lifelong freedom from addiction.

Alumni Aftercare and Prevention Services

We offer ongoing addiction support services based on what you need in each stage of recovery: 

Continued access to your recovery mentor and support specialists 

Meetings every night at Any Length Retreat that you can come to as an alumnus

Alumni outings so you can remain connected to support groups and have fun in your sobriety

Referrals to 12 Step fellowships locally and nationwide to help you connect with other sober men in your city or town

Meetings every night at Any Length Retreat that you can come to as an alumnus

Alumni outings so you can remain connected to support groups and have fun in your sobriety

If you’re ready to not just find freedom from addiction but also be part of a recovery community unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, call or text (512) 960-1440 to begin your journey today.

We’re here for you—now, and for the rest of your life.
- Kent B.
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“This place gave me my life back. It showed me what I can be and what I needed to do to be that person. It gave me all the tools that I needed to achieve long-term recovery. I couldn’t have asked for a better treatment center!”
- Reece C.
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“This place truly got me from my lowest point to my highest and guided me to where I am today. The 12 Step program taught at ALR has been more beneficial than anywhere I’ve gone previously. It gave me all the tools I needed to achieve long term sobriety.”
- Nora P.
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“I have only good things to say about Any Length Retreat. It has saved my son’s life.”
-Anthony I.
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“Two and a half years ago my younger brother came through these doors, and since the completion of his stay at Any Length, he has maintained his sobriety. Seeing the change in him inspired me to get help for my addiction, and ALR was the obvious choice. The experience here was powerful.”
-Russell B.
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“If you are serious about recovery, Any Length has the tools. Don’t wait another day; tomorrow may be too late.”