Recover purpose. Recover family. Recover life.

Many men have lost themselves in their addictions.

Their sense of self and purpose has slipped through their grasp, and their relationships are fractured and strained. Many of them have tried to recover on their own, only to fail and return to old habits. 

We can help.

Any Length Retreat is a men’s addiction recovery program in Austin, TX that empowers you to break the cycle of addiction once and for all, so you can find lasting freedom and recovery for life. 

Through mentoring, personal and spiritual development, life skills training, holistic wellness, and authentic brotherhood, we help you build resilience to stress and triggers, give you the tools to stay sober, and help you apply them in real life—while surrounding you with a supportive community who will walk with you for a lifetime.

You will build an understanding of how substance use disorder works, heal the root causes of your addiction, and develop the sobriety and confidence to build the life you want—not just a life without substances, but a life full of freedom, peace, and joy.

Addiction recovery that actually works

When we set out to create a different model for addiction rehab in Texas, we thought about our own recovery experiences—what we wished had been different and what actually worked for us.

The result is a love-based, home-like recovery residence free of judgment, full of authenticity, and rooted in connection—a place where you can discover who you truly are without the shame and chaos of substance abuse.

Why Any Length Retreat?

We’re In Recovery, Too

 Every member of the Any Length Retreat staff is in long-term recovery. We understand exactly what you’re going through and exactly what it takes to get sober for life. We meet you without judgment, are honest about our struggles, and relate to you through real-life experience while guiding you towards the healing we have found.

We Take a Personalized Approach

 No one’s journey to addiction is exactly the same, and healing looks different for everyone as well. Instead of fitting you into a box of what we say recovery looks like, we get to know you as a person, meet you where you are, and create a customized plan and length of stay that’s right for you. 

We Equip You With a Lifestyle 
of Recovery

One reason relapse occurs is that traditional addiction treatments help you get sober, but they don’t teach you how to live sober. While you’re at Any Length Retreat, you will apply the principles you learn and develop new skills, hobbies, habits, and friendships so you’re equipped for real life after you leave our recovery residence. 

We Walk With You For Life

 Every alumnus of our drug and alcohol rehab is part of our recovery community for life. We offer alumni support groups, ongoing connection with your mentor, and an open door policy, where you can come back to Any Length Retreat any time you need to— whether you just want to say hi or need a safe place to crash for the weekend. 

- Kent B.
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“This place gave me my life back. It showed me what I can be and what I needed to do to be that person. It gave me all the tools that I needed to achieve long-term recovery. I couldn’t have asked for a better treatment center!”
- Reece C.
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“This place truly got me from my lowest point to my highest and guided me to where I am today. The 12 Step program taught at ALR has been more beneficial than anywhere I’ve gone previously. It gave me all the tools I needed to achieve long term sobriety.”
- Nora P.
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“I have only good things to say about Any Length Retreat. It has saved my son’s life.”
-Anthony I.
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“Two and a half years ago my younger brother came through these doors, and since the completion of his stay at Any Length, he has maintained his sobriety. Seeing the change in him inspired me to get help for my addiction, and ALR was the obvious choice. The experience here was powerful.”
-Russell B.
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“If you are serious about recovery, Any Length has the tools. Don’t wait another day; tomorrow may be too late.”

The Any Length Retreat Promise

We can’t do the work for you. But if you show up with a willing heart and trust the process, we can help you:  

Experience inner healing body, mind, and spirit—so you don’t need to reach for something outside of yourself to feel whole
Stop living a life of avoidance or fear of relapse and build internal resilience to stress
Live in true connection and healthier relationships with self and others
Discover your purpose, become who you want to be, and live a full life that aligns with your true self
Find lasting recovery a life of peace, contentment, happiness, and confidence in yourself
We can help you recover what has been stolen by addiction, and become stronger, healthier, more resilient, and happier than you’ve ever been. Call or text (512) 960-1440 today and take the first step towards freedom.