What Can I Expect Coming to an Addiction Recovery Retreat?

Today drug and alcohol treatment for men isn’t a limited one-size-fits-all experience. We now know that taking a customized, personalized approach is what’s most effective for addiction treatment. 

At Any Length we’ve developed a unique concept called an addiction recovery retreat. Clients receive evidence-based coaching and support services in a home-like environment for an extended period. It’s a program that’s meant to bridge the gap between clinical addiction treatment and sober living. This is a critical period when many people who have completed drug or alcohol rehab for men end up relapsing.  

If you’re interested in continuing your recovery by joining an addiction recovery retreat here are some things that you can expect.

The Process Starts Before the Retreat

Your journey begins before the first day of the retreat. You’ll first work with a Retreat Mentor to discuss your addiction and goals to create a recovery plan. This sets the stage for the retreat so that your needs are addressed and you get the support you need to meet your goals.

Prepare for Whole Body Healing

An addiction recovery retreat isn’t solely focused on the physical symptoms of substance use disorders. The goal is to heal the body, mind and soul. In addition to working on your mental health through coaching and mentoring, retreat attendees practice meditation and make physical fitness a priority as well. 

Addiction Recovery Support That’s Individualized in a Group Setting

Mentors and licensed support specialists are at the retreat to provide individual and group coaching. This gives you a safe space to freely express yourself while also providing an opportunity for peer support.

You’ll Connect on a Personal Level

A retreat is much more intensive than most outpatient men’s addiction treatment programs and even some in-patient programs. Emphasis is put on remaining in the present and making personal connections that create a supportive community. Having a community to lean on is so important for long-term recovery that Any Length Retreat has an alumni open door policy. If you complete an addiction recovery retreat you can come back at any time to rejoin the program.

Get Ready to Regain Your Sense of Purpose

Addiction recovery retreats are meant to be exploratory. You aren’t just addressing the symptoms of your addiction. You are given the time to fully analyze what caused the addiction as well as what gives you a sense of purpose. Regaining your sense of purpose is vital to long-term recovery because it renews your drive and motivation to accomplish more. 

Family Members Will Be Involved in Your Recovery

Even though you’ll be the only one at the addiction recovery retreat, your family members will still be involved in the recovery process. Drug and alcohol rehab for men is most effective when you have the understanding and support of your family. At Any Length Retreat we help guests rebuild relationships with loved ones and heal past traumas so that the family can move forward together.

Any Length Retreat gives a man the space that’s needed to reset after addiction has taken control of their life. It’s an environment where there isn’t pressure to “get better”, and the focus is on building a strong foundation for recovery no matter how long it takes.  
Contact our men’s addiction recovery residence for more information on what makes our retreats different from other programs.

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