Our Philosophy for Men’s Addiction Recovery

Any Length Retreat

We believe everyone’s experience with addiction is unique. Therefore we cannot adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to men’s addiction recovery. At Any Length Retreat, we view recovery through the lens of personal, holistic transformation. Our goal is to heal the whole individual – mind, body, and spirit. 

This is not a vacation from the real world. It’s preparation for the real world. That’s why our men’s addiction retreat focuses not only on restoration but also on integration. We work to improve our guests’ physical health, interpersonal relationships, and most importantly, their sense of self.

Our Vision for Men’s Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Any Length Retreat is a nationally respected spiritual retreat for men’s addiction recovery near Austin, TX. Our retreat is where men and their families find lifelong freedom from addiction through the application of the 12 Steps.  We believe in unwavering ethics, the healing power of the 12 Steps, and excelling in all facets of our lives.

The process of recovery is a fundamental life changing experience. This takes time, community, and frequent one-on-one discussions, with recovery mentors and support specialists to bring to fruition. Our process differs from traditional Texas men’s drug rehab centers. Rather than treating the symptoms of addiction (craving, triggers, etc.) we seek out and address the causes of addiction at their root.

Meet Our Men’s Addiction Rehab Team

John Sadkin-DeLaGarza

Retreat Director

John’s struggles began at an early age – never feeling like he quite fit in anywhere or with anyone. His struggles to make friends and sustain meaningful relationships ultimately led him to use alcohol and drugs as a means to fill the void. Eventually his substance use spiraled into addiction, leading to a disastrous car accident, severe depression, suicidal thoughts and an overdose. Despite his unhappiness and negative consequences, John was unable to stop, and at only 17 years old he found himself in drug and alcohol treatment.

After 118 days in treatment and a spiritual experience through the 12 steps, John became willing to go to any lengths to maintain a life of recovery. Although he wrestled with the spiritual aspect of the 12 steps at first, the notion of crafting a God of one’s own understanding finally resonated with him, and he was able to embrace the freedom, forgiveness, and joy that the program brings forth.

Sobriety and a God of his own understanding have given John the chance to experience life in a new, fun and revolutionary way. John has worked as part of the Any Length Retreat family since 2017, and he says it has been one of the greatest and most fulfilling experiences of his life. “Our slogan ‘Recovered for Life’ is a promise that we offer to all the men who come into our care, one that every staff member has seen come true in their own lives. We simply try to carry the message outlined in the Big Book of AA.”

John Hartom

Director of Admissions and Community Cultivator

Having spent much of his youth overseas, where there is no drinking age and a high accessibility to illicit drugs, John developed a substance use disorder at an early age. By the time he returned to the U.S. to attend college, he was using drugs and alcohol daily, even resorting to dealing drugs for money. Years later his addiction would cost him two marriages, his family, his career, and eventually, his freedom. With nowhere else to turn but his Higher Power, John sought a path to lifelong recovery at Any Length Retreat after seeing their success with other men who were just like him. He is now blessed with a beautiful life in recovery, restored relationships with his family, and the ability to use his experiences to help others overcome the disease of addiction. From the day-to-day activities, intervention services, mentoring, and business development, John has made it his life’s work to show others that there is a solution.

Robert White


A man grateful for his own recovery, Robert and his family founded Any Length Retreat to help others find lasting recovery from substance use disorders.

Taking his first drink at age 12, in and out of multiple treatment centers through his teens, and blaming everyone else for his problems, Robert eventually ran out of road, using heroin, and found himself pleading guilty and sentenced to 30 months in prison. During his incarceration, his higher power reached him for the first time, and he felt complete freedom despite being locked up.

In 2012 Robert and his family founded Any Length Retreat and committed to a life of service to those who suffer from this disease. As a Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist, Robert finds his life’s purpose through Any Length Retreat’s mission and vision.

Hayley Luhr

Emotion Whisperer

Having wrestled with depression and shame throughout her life, Hayley had been searching for something that could give her life purpose and meaning. This journey took her around the world, moving to India, South Africa and the Middle East. However, she was never able to find what she was looking for and she relied on drugs and alcohol to mitigate feeling “lost” in life.

Following an intervention in early 2017, Hayley checked into treatment. Treatment and recovery saved her life. There, Hayley began to understand that life meaning and purpose come from within and can’t be found through any external circumstances. Hayley began to practice therapy for clients struggling with addiction.

Today, she integrates therapeutic knowledge with life experience to assist clients on their journey to recovery and towards a meaningful life worth living. She has worked at several treatment centers and private practices throughout the Austin area. She has long admired the mission and values of Any Length Retreat and the way the team works together to change men’s lives. Hayley is grateful to be part of the Any Length Retreat team.

Conor Hogan

Liberation and Recovery Mentor

Conor grew up with a loving and supportive household in Pasadena, CA with his amazing parents and sister. He was an avid participant in team sports and thrived in athletics. His early interests included football and club volleyball, as well as playing music and creating art. As a child he struggled academically and found himself getting in trouble at school and with the law. Unaware at the time that he could have the predisposition of potentially becoming an alcoholic/addict because of family members who had struggled with this disease, he began experimenting with substances in his teenage years.

He attended an all boys private, catholic high school in Los Angeles where he was raised in the church, was involved in his community, and excelled in team sports as Captain of both the football and volleyball teams. On the weekends he would go to parties, drink alcohol and smoke marijuana with friends. He then got accepted to the University of Arizona with the intention of playing football but gave up such dreams to pursue the life of the party. He studied sociology and studio art. Over time he passed the point where drinking and using was no longer a luxury and it became a necessity. As a result of these newly acquired addictions he flunked out of school.

Over the course of a decade he found himself in and out of hospitals, jails, and treatment centers for his opiate, methamphetamine, and benzodiazepine dependence. He also struggled with trauma, depression and anxiety from a very early age. After being sober for three years he went back to school at Prescott College in Arizona, where he studied counseling psychology and wilderness education.

Unfortunately he stopped working the program that had got him sober, relapsed, and was eventually incarcerated. Flash forward three years, and he found himself at the door of Any Length Retreat completely broken, traumatized, lost, and desperate. Any Length welcomed him with open arms where they helped guide him on his journey of recovery. Through patience, love, encouragement and wisdom, the Any Length team was able to help him grow into a man of purpose. They offered him a solution that he was willing to work for and has since recovered from his addictions.

He now works at Any Length Retreat as a Retreat Mentor, guiding clients through their recovery process. He is a fun loving, hilarious, patient, and encouraging man of recovery who has since dedicated his life to carrying this message to others who are currently struggling with their own alcoholism, and practicing the principles he as learned in all of his affairs.

Conor is a die hard University of Southern California football fan, spends his free time hanging out with friends, growing spiritually, kayaking, paddle boarding, backpacking, going to concerts, attending AA meetings and fellowship events, sponsoring other men, spending time with his girlfriend, playing volleyball, painting, and going to the gym.

Conor symbolizes what this program can offer addicts and alcoholics who are striving to turn their lives around.

Embrace Wellness

Embrace Wellness

Addiction is a complex issue rooted in a number of neurological, psychological, and spiritual causes. To achieve sustainable recovery, men’s addiction rehab must tap into and address these underlying origins of substance use disorders, rather than simply addressing the symptoms of the disease – our triggers and cravings – like many traditional addiction treatment centers do. This is why at Any Length Retreat we take a holistic approach to healing: one that focuses on treating the individual’s mind, body, and spirit.

Using our Embrace Wellness System, a comprehensive three-dimensional approach to healing, we effectively integrate recovery into every aspect of our guests’ lives with the help of both our recovery mentors and certified support services. With this system, the guests that are in men’s drug and alcohol rehab don’t simply recover; they achieve a better quality of life. Centered on the proven 12 Step method as its foundation, the Embrace Wellness System helps our guests uncover the root cause of their addiction, discover how to heal, and prosper going forward.



Any Length Retreat is an alternative to traditional addiction treatment and does not provide detox services. However, for someone who is ready to find lasting freedom from addiction, our addiction recovery program is the way to get to the root of addiction and find lifelong healing.

Starting the enrollment process is easy. All you have to do is contact our admissions specialists either online or by phone. When you contact us, one of our specialists will work with you to determine the right path to recovery for your situation. They’ll also be available to answer any questions you might have about our recovery community and how you can pay for your time at our recovery residence.

For your loved one to get the help they need, they must accept they need healing from their addiction. If you find they are resistant to accepting this, we can help. We can provide you with tools, language, and resources so you can express your concern with both clarity and encouragement. If you fear that won’t work, we can also provide access to professionally trained interventionists who can help you.


There is no true average cost of rehab in Texas because treatment plans are customized for each individual. There’s no one fixed cost for recovery. Every person we help comes to us with unique needs. That is why we tailor our services to their needs. 

However, we understand cost is a concern. To help you get the answers you need for your situation we have an admissions team on staff who can help you with financing options. We’ll work with you to ensure we can provide the addiction recovery services needed without breaking the bank. We want to help you, not empty your wallet. Contact us to learn more about recovery costs.


Since 2016 our average length of stay is 60 days. However, everyone’s recovery journey is unique. That is why Any Length Retreat doesn’t provide an exact length of stay until we assess each individual. Every guest has an addiction recovery  plan specifically tailored to their needs and situation. What we can tell you is, the longer a person participates in our men’s recovery community, the greater their chances of overcoming their addiction and enjoying lasting sobriety.

We provide different levels of care – 30-day intensive, 60-day, and 90-day retreats. This way our guests can engage with our community as long as necessary, in a manner that meets their needs. We also provide ongoing guidance through our Lifelong Support System, our Alumni Community, so our guests have continued reinforcement once they leave our recovery residence in Austin.

Any Length doesn’t use the same approach as traditional addiction treatment centers in Austin, TX. Our addiction recovery retreats are designed on the belief that we need to address not only the symptoms of addiction but also the inherent causes. Furthermore, we believe in helping our guests develop the tools and resources they need to grow personally and transform their lives. To accomplish this, we provide a diverse range of supportive services and integrated therapies for holistic healing. Recovery plans include:

  • 12 Step Facilitation
  • Motivational interviewing
  • One-on-one mentorship
  • Sessions with mentors and support specialists to build life and social skills
  • Trauma healing yogic practices
  • Fitness and wellness

Our Embrace Wellness System provides more information about why we use a holistic approach to recovery and our specific services.

The 12-Step approach has been a part of addiction treatment for men in Texas over many decades. When a guest enters the Any Length Retreat family, we introduce them to the fundamentals of the 12 Steps. As they grow throughout their time in our addiction recovery community, they will continue to learn more about 12 Step Facilitation and its importance to sustainable recovery.

We believe in tapping into the restorative power of the 12 Steps, the ongoing support of meetings, and the fellowship they provide. We recognize 12 Step Facilitation has helped people get and stay sober for nearly 100 years. In addition to the 12 Steps, we provide individual and group sessions led by mentors and certified peer support specialists.

We want our guests to fully re-integrate into society and their lives after completing our addiction recovery program in Austin. For most of our guests, addiction is an interruption to their lives, education, and employment. When we work with men in addiction recovery, we help them learn to engage with sober forms of recreation, goal setting, budgeting, and learning the fundamentals, like shopping for groceries and preparing healthy meals. 

Our staff is also trained to help clients create resumes, fill out applications, and even role play interviews. We provide similar assistance for people looking to restart their education. This includes filling out applications, applying for financial assistance, and learning key time management skills to prevent anxiety triggers that would cause them to return to using. 

For the working professionals, our staff personalizes plans that help them manage stress proactively, create debt management plans to mitigate budget issues, and develop the skill to lead a positive work/recovery balance.

We understand that addiction is often a symptom of other mental health issues, but many addiction treatment centers in Austin, TX don’t address co-occurring disorders. As an alternative to the traditional addiction treatment model, Any Length Retreat will tailor your recovery plan according to your mental health needs. In addition, we provide our guests with the best mentoring and support services in Austin, TX. Our mentors and certified recovery specialists help our guests confront issues ranging from depression, anxiety, trauma, and more.

Absolutely. Legal problems and substance use often go hand in hand. More so, the strain of financial and legal issues can have negative impacts on a client’s recovery. Our staff is trained to handle legal and court-related services to help clients engage proactively in resolving any issues. These services are free to clients and satisfy the most strict court requirements.


A majority of the things you will need during recovery will be provided for you while you stay with us. To ensure the best experience possible we recommend you bring the following:

  • One to two weeks of comfortable clothing. This includes everything from jeans, to t-shirts, tennis shoes, pajamas, robes, and workout clothes. If there are weather-appropriate choices like jackets or coats, bring those as well. If you are joining us in the summer feel free to bring a swimsuit. We suggest including one to two outfits appropriate for outdoor meetings or recreational events. To ensure your living space is uncluttered we limit what you can bring to two suitcases weighing no more than 50 lbs (each).
  • Any alcohol-free toiletries such as deodorant, floss, toothbrush, facial care, etc.
  • Any prescriptions are required to be in their original containers.
  • Your ID.
  • Everyday jewelry like a watch or wedding rings. We strongly suggest leaving valuables at home.
  • Pictures of your family, pets, items of spiritual or religious value, and meditation books. If it brings you hope or helps with encouragement we definitely suggest it.

Once the admission process has started you will be contacted by your mentor with a more detailed list outlining what to bring and what to leave at home. Some men’s addiction treatment programs have certain items that are prohibited for safety’s sake. At check-in, the admissions counselor will ensure you have everything that’s appropriate and are ready for your stay.

We encourage communication with friends and loved ones. It is part of the recovery process. We might put brief restrictions on outside communications at the start of your addiction recovery journey, but once addiction support services are underway we work to restore and repair relationships addiction has damaged. We also provide both family and couples counseling to help heal relationships.

We believe in encouraging the cessation of smoking. However, we do support recovery while using tobacco. If smoking is something the client wishes to do, they must either bring their products unopened upon admission or send them ahead. For people who vape, we only allow juices we can review before entering. Once a guest has entered our addiction recovery community, our staff makes weekly trips for smoke/vape supplies for guests.

Generally speaking, we’ve found distractions impact the effectiveness of our men’s addiction recovery program. However, we understand each client has unique needs. That is why our care team will work with you on a case-by-case basis to see if phone or computer access is appropriate.

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