Recovered For Life

We help men and their families find lifelong freedom from addiction and alcoholism through the application of the Twelve steps.

Recover For Life

Men overcome addiction that tortured and frustrated them for years and find permanent recovery.

Rebuild Trust

Families establish new, lasting relationships with their loved ones based on trust.

Reconnect to Purpose

Men begin to feel a sense of direction and discover their true purpose in life.

The Any Length Retreat

The Any Length Retreat is our 30 to 90 day residential program. At Any Length Retreat men begin to apply a whole new set of principles to their lives, experience true joy and freedom, and lay the groundwork for lifelong recovery.

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Program Lengths


A 30-Day commitment to our program removes you from your usual environment, providing a clean slate to discover causes and conditions that lead to addiction.


If you’re serious about recovery, we’ve seen the most success from guests who stay with us for 60+ days. Establish a life pattern to conquer addiction permanently.


We specialize in rehab-resistant addicts. A 90-day stay is perfect for addicts and alcoholics who keep relapsing in spite of multiple stays in rehab facilities. We’ve seen life return to the seemingly hopeless.

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