Recovered For Life

We help men and their families find lifelong freedom from addiction and alcoholism through the application of the Twelve steps.

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Recovered for Life

Too bold of a statement? We don’t think so. We’ve seen too many men overcome addiction that tormented and frustrated them for years. We’ve seen too many broken families made whole again.

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Our alumni and parents used to think this way as well. They thought that they could not achieve permanent recovery and they were right. They were right because that was their experience. We had to stretch their vision. Our founder and his family had this same belief system for many years. Robert started going in and out of treatment centers and other institutions at the age of 17. Every time he would gain much knowledge of his condition as an alcoholic/addict but would fail to take action because he had the mindset that this time would be the same as the last attempt at recovery. Even his family fell victim to the belief that Robert would never get sober and why would they think differently? Robert had repeatedly proven to them that he would get sober for a few weeks or months, he would build up hope in the family system and then Robert would fall victim to a belief that every addict/alcoholic has; he would believe this time he could control and enjoy his drinking/using. Robert would once again break the promises he had made to his family.

With these experiences of countless failures towards recovery Robert and his family were baffled at which direction they should go, his family asked themselves why can’t my son just stop? Why can’t he see the damage he is causing himself and those around him? In April 2012 after going to four treatment centers and other institutions, Robert and his family opened up a Sober Living Environment in Austin Texas. Robert envisioned creating an environment that challenged men to go beyond traditional treatment methods of getting sober. Instead of telling these men what to do, Robert and the Any Length team talked about why we get to be in recovery and how to be disciplined in their daily lives. Four years later in November 2016, Any Length would open up a new facility, Any Length Retreat. Any Length Retreat is for men like Robert who have tried the traditional treatment method over and over again with no permanent success.

We have created an alternative that will produce the results you and your family want if you are willing to go to Any Length for victory over your addiction. Robert and many other men have recovered for life by participating fully in the Any Length Program and Twelve Step recovery fellowships. They began their journey by reaching out for help and have continued to remain free by staying willing, honest, and open minded in their daily lives. Any Length gives men an opportunity to create a new possibility in their lives by getting them involved in a constant action.

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Program Lengths


A 30-Day commitment to our program removes you from your usual environment, providing a clean slate to discover causes and conditions that lead to addiction.


If you’re serious about recovery, we’ve seen the most success from guests who stay with us for 60+ days. Establish a life pattern to conquer addiction permanently.


We specialize in rehab-resistant addicts. A 90-day stay is perfect for addicts and alcoholics who keep relapsing in spite of multiple stays in rehab facilities. We’ve seen life return to the seemingly hopeless.

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