Recovered For Life

At Any Length Retreat addicted men and their families find lifelong recovery through the application of the Twelve Steps.

Recovered for Life

Recovered for Life might seem like a bold statement. But is it? Is it unreasonable to believe that you and your loved one can recover from alcoholism/drug addiction permanently? Is it unreasonable to think that you and your family could become a whole unit and help other families find recovery?

Our alumni and parents used to think this way as well. They thought that they could not achieve permanent recovery and they were right. They were right because that was their experience. We had to stretch their vision. Our founder and his family had this same belief system for many years. Robert started going in and out of treatment centers and other institutions at the age of 17. Every time he would gain much knowledge of his condition as an alcoholic/addict but would fail to take action because he had the mindset that this time would be the same as the last attempt at recovery. Even his family fell victim to the belief that Robert would never get sober and why would they think differently? Robert had repeatedly proven to them that he would get sober for a few weeks or months, he would build up hope in the family system and then Robert would fall victim to a belief that every addict/alcoholic has; he would believe this time he could control and enjoy his drinking/using. Robert would once again break the promises he had made to his family.

With these experiences of countless failures towards recovery Robert and his family were baffled at which direction they should go, his family asked themselves why can’t my son just stop? Why can’t he see the damage he is causing himself and those around him? In April 2012 after going to four treatment centers and other institutions, Robert and his family opened up a Sober Living Environment in Austin Texas. Robert envisioned creating an environment that challenged men to go beyond traditional treatment methods of getting sober. Instead of telling these men what to do, Robert and the Any Length team talked about why we get to be in recovery and how to be disciplined in their daily lives. Four years later in November 2016, Any Length would open up a new facility, Any Length Retreat. Any Length Retreat is for men like Robert who have tried the traditional treatment method over and over again with no permanent success.

We have created an alternative that will produce the results you and your family want if you are willing to go to Any Length for victory over your addiction. Robert and many other men have recovered for life by participating fully in the Any Length Program and 12 step recovery fellowships. They began their journey by reaching out for help and have continued to remain free by staying willing, honest, and open minded in their daily lives. Any Length gives men an opportunity to create a new possibility in their lives by getting them involved in a constant action.

  • Navy Vet Stuart Salter went through 6 treatment centers before coming to Any Length Retreat and Recovery Residence

    Stuart Salter

  • Come see our beautiful residential facility, just minutes north of Austin, Texas. Our facility is complete with basketball courts, a workout area, meditation room, laundry room and more.

    Any Length Walk Through

  • KVUE interviewed our CEO Robert White about what it's like to get and stay sober during the Holiday season, and what someone should do if they need help.

    ABC KVUE News Coverage

  • Matt Lowman Shares his experience at Any Length

    Matt Lowman

  • "As a clinician in the field, it is imperative that I vet a program before referring a client. This is usually a top-down endeavor. If the person in charge is ethical and focused on client care, it will translate to the program. An example of this can be seen with Any Length recovery programs. The person in charge, Robert White, is one of the most ethical and caring providers in the field today. He has maintained focus on helping people recover from the deadly disease of addiction. Mr. White and his staff are definitely a beacon of light for those in need of help.

    Brian Samford PhD, LMFT, LCDC

  • I am an Any Length alumni. My name is Ronald Weaver. My sobriety date is Feb. 8, 2013, and for that, I am forever grateful. Any Length plays a big part in the foundation and discipline that has allowed me to be Sober for almost 5 years, WOW!!! When I first walked through the doors I was in complete fear-driven by it. WeThe family and I sat down to talk with Hank who was painting a Willie Nelson portrait. Which I’ve always been a fan of art. His soul was exposed and that was inviting, so I felt right at home. This man was free and I wanted what he had. These men Hank(house manager at the time), Robert(owner) was so invested in their recovery and helping others as well. They grabbed hold of me with open hearts and showed me the way to God and how to get involved in helping others. Fell in love with these men and the way they treated others. Any Length gave me hope to know that men just like me could recover as well to have fun doing it. We were a brotherhood a family. We have shared the best of times together. Hank became my sponsor best of friend and mentor. Robert my best friend and running buddy. We would go to meetings and met each other's families. These men exemplify the way of Any Length and represent what it’s all about. Giving rather than receiving. The unity that we are all connected. That we are here to serve and give back. For these guys, I am forever grateful and will continue to give back. This life is so beautiful and I want everyone to know that. Won’t stop until it happens that’s the Any Length way. Go above and beyond to help others. Thank you for allowing me to have a life beyond my dreams and showing me that it’s all possible because of god. Love the Any Length family forever.

    Ronald Weaver

  • My name is Kiley Word and I am a former resident and house manager at Any Length Recovery Residence. Any Length provided an atmosphere to thrive and succeed in during the early stages of my recovery. The structure that the houses operate under encourages you to be an active member of the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. Any Length gave me the ability to have a stable foundation to build my life around and to experience life.. sober. Managing an Any Length house was a beautiful experience and getting to see men come into the house and have their lives revolutionized was an experience that I will never forget. Any Length is the premier sober living house in my eyes and is directly responsible for the life that I get to have today.

    Kiley Word

  • When I came into Any Lengths Sober Living, I had just completed a 60-inpatient program and was still spiritually sick. However, Any Lengths provided a super structured environment that pushed me to make changes in my life. It was in sober living that I had a spiritual experience and became what I like to call a “Recovered Gentleman”. I am still very active with alumni events at Any Lengths almost 18 months later. I would recommend any man struggling with addiction to go to Any Lengths Sober Living and have a chance to recover from a hopeless state of mind and body as I did.

    Tyler Berry

  • When I arrived in Austin, I was lost...literally not only did I not know what to do I had nowhere to go. Upon meeting a few people who are what I know today to be recovered they recommended that I call a man named Robert White who was the founder of an organization called Any Length. I called Robert and explained my situation; to my surprise he listened attentively, with purpose, and I got the feeling that he really cared despite the fact that I really had nothing to bring to the table beside a desire to do something different. Robert and his staff decided to give me a chance asking me to do a few things: Move my feet in every aspect of my life (meaning chase my personal recovery, seek being a leader in the house, and never settling for mediocrity by always trying to be better) These requirements turned out to be the driving force in the reason I am in the position I am today. While living here I re-learned basic life necessities such as how to pay my bills on time, how to communicate with others, how to work a REAL recovery program, how to set goals and achieve them, and the most important of all how to have personal accountability. The Any Length houses set me up with a solid foundation that I have been blessed enough to have built an amazing life. I contribute everything I have today to what was given to me in those houses. If you or a loved one is seeking help this is the place to go.

    Greg Bryan


Vicious Cycle Retreat

Do you want to stop relapsing? Any Length Recovery Center offers a thirty day intensive program for men who have relapsed while in sober living.


Root & Branch Retreat

We focus on why drugs and alcohol were actually used as a solution to a much deeper problem. We give men the opportunity to recreate their lives by taking action in the 12 step recovery process.


Road to Reconstruction Retreat

Our 90 day “Road to Reconstruction” program is designed for individuals who have either never been to treatment or have been in and out of treatment programs but can’t seem to keep it together long term. We’ve found that 90 days gives ample time for an individual to not only work all 12 steps, but also understand how to apply the steps to every area of there life. All of our programs are effective, but we pride ourselves on the long term success we have seen with individuals who have completed our “Road to Reconstruction” program.

Annual Remembrance of Lives Lost from Addiction

Tuesday, July 31 at 6:00PM CDT

15401 Cameron Rd, Pflugerville, TX 78660-8913

We are coming together to celebrate the freedom we have found in recovery and taking a moment to remember our brothers and sisters who have lost their lives to the disease of addiction.

Donations are not required, but we will be raising money for Stairway to Sobreity, a non-profit 501c3 organization that provides scholarships for struggling addicts and alcoholics to go to treatment. You can donate at:

Food from 6pm - 7pm, Any Length Alumni Speaker, Kiley W. from 7:15pm - 8:15pm, Remembrance Ceremony from 8:30pm - 9pm.