How to Maintain Sobriety During the Holidays

If you’re going through an addiction recovery program or alcohol rehab for men the holidays will be a little different this year. Instead of using the holiday season as a reason to indulge in alcohol or use narcotics, the focus is on finding ways to avoid that from happening.

Getting through the holidays without relapsing can be very difficult but know that it is possible. All you need is some support and a different approach to how you celebrate the holiday season.

Holiday Sobriety Survival Tips

Holiday sobriety is possible while still enjoying all the festivities of the season. Communicating your holiday plans with your recovery support network, such as your sponsor, counselor, and other recovery friends, can help you mentally prepare. Be honest about the fears you might have surrounding the holidays so that you get the support you need. And if you will be traveling then look for a local recovery meeting to attend or attend a meeting on zoom.

Here are five more tips that can help you stay sober during the holidays

Attend Meetings and Stay Connected to Your Recovery Support Team

Whether you are traveling or staying in Austin, Texas the great thing about recovery is that there are meetings going on throughout the holidays. If you’re traveling then communicate with your support group and ask if they know of any meetings going on in the area you’ll be visiting. You can also look up meetings online, and if you cannot find any in-person meetings then you can always go to a zoom meeting.

If you are staying in Austin, Texas for the holidays then be sure to attend recovery related festivities that are happening at meetings. Many individuals who struggle with substance abuse have found it very helpful to stay connected to their support group and attend meetings regularly during the holidays.

Host Your Own Dry Holiday Party

Hosting your own dry holiday party means you control the guest list. Invite family, friends and co-workers that support your sobriety so there’s no concern others might try to tempt you to take a drink. You can come up with festive mocktails, do an adult craft project and play holiday games that don’t involve alcohol. It may just be the most fun holiday party your guests attend.

Bring Non-Alcoholic Beverages

It can be hard to turn down a drink if the only other option is water. If you plan to attend a holiday party it’s perfectly fine to bring your own favorite non-alcoholic beverages. That way you are less tempted to reach for alcohol. Contact the party host in advance to see what they’ll serve and how many of your own drinks you should bring.

Stick to Daytime Holiday Events

Drinking is a common occurrence at holiday parties, but daytime events are usually focused on alcohol-free activities that are family-friendly. It may be best to stick to these daytime festivities if you’re still in a men’s addiction treatment program. Volunteering is another great option. Many organizations host events during the holidays and can use the extra help. It’s a way to celebrate the season, feel connected to others and boost your mood.

Get Extra Support So Sobriety is the Priority

There’s a lot going on during the holidays, but getting extra support in treatment or a recovery program could be beneficial. Scheduling in additional group coaching or one-on-one mentoring sessions helps to keep sobriety as the priority.

If you need extra help staying sober during the holidays there are resources at your disposal. Facilities that provide drug and alcohol treatment for men, women and adolescents are open throughout the holiday season.

At Any Length our men’s addiction recovery retreat takes a holistic approach that provides the support that’s needed to maintain sobriety. Call today if you need additional support or would like to learn more about drug and alcohol recovery services for men.

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