Spiritual GANGSTA

Spiritual GANGSTA

Are you GANGSTA?


There is one who has all Power. May you find Him now!

The message which can hold these types (the real deal) must have depth and weight.

What has more depth and weight than an alcoholic tapped into an infinite source looking to give all that he has to the next sufferer? God is everything.

I find it amazing to watch the unselfishness of the most selfish.

Today, go work with some drunks and quit drinking out of cups and wallowing in self pity. How is it that the most selfish people on the earth can be chosen to help others escape death? Is it desperation? Yes, I think being desperate allows us to be in a place where we can finally ask for help. But, what happens when the desperation leaves? In my experience, something greater has to follow being desperate. I have to see someone else who has had the same struggles get free from the chains that I have lived in. Identification. We have to identify. There must be depth and weight. What can you identify with today? Who are you helping today?


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