Give Thanks

  Life is truly amazing. We should be truly baffled by the beauty of this world. We are spearheads of God’s ever-advancing creation. We are perfect in the eyes of our Maker, and therefore, should not sell ourselves short. We tried that and only diminished our worth through self-robbery. We make Him proud by simply singing His name. However, how can we put a name on Something that is Infinite?  I read that the Dao that can be named is not the Dao. We have tapped into a magical reality beyond our beliefs and will live forever if we don’t have to live. We have everything we need already. Right Now! In this moment we are free even if it seems we are locked up. Be rid of self and know freedom. Open your eyes to the light. Step out of the darkness and begin to live, one day at a time. That moment when you know. The now here. The feeling of uselessness vanishing. All because you reach out and give what you have found to another human being. Today, quit being so damn selfish. Get off of your dead butt and go help someone. Have the integrity and love that those who came before us did. This has been the beautiful part of life today. Take time to sit still this morning. Reflect on the gifts that you have received from others and give away all that you have found. Thank you for another beautiful day. Thank you for family. Thank you for love and peace. Thank you for those who prayed for us when we were running amuck. Thank God for those who listened to us sob and then told us the truth. Those who put their arm on our shoulders and told us that we never had to drink again, we could be free. Let us remain forever grateful, knowing this requires action. Let us show this gratitude by doing what others have done for us. Today, allow yourself to be inconvenienced through service to someone. Then you will know God. Today is another glorious day. Be one with everything. Rather than looking for what you might steal from the moment, dig deep within and bring something beautiful to each second you are alive. All we have is today. God help us to be full of energy. Give us knowledge of your will and the power to carry it out. Thank you for infinite, unbounded intelligence. Help us to remain honest, open, and willing. Help us to see the beauty of the forest. When we see everything as one, we can appreciate the moment. When we are separated from others and God, we get defensive and isolate ourselves from the joy of the here and now. We get stuck. We have the opportunity to go from being busted, disgusted, and not to be trusted to being reliable citizens. We are examples of what to do instead of what not to do. Our guiding principle has become giving rather than getting. Today, go out and help someone!


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