The Greatest Gift


What is the greatest gift?
Today, step outside of yourself. In doing so I get to go deeper within. Have you ever done something for someone and immediately felt connected to Power? Unblocking self is as simple as saying a prayer for a friend or stopping and giving a compliment to a “stranger”. I believe we are all connected to Power and the greatest gift is the Present Moment.  I tend to complicate the simple things in life. ” An alcoholic is an individual who takes the most simple program — and works on it until he has reduced it to its most complicated form.” Today help me to go Deep Within. Today let me take action. Direct my thinking. Allow me to reach my hand out and help someone else. Let me not be concerned with results. Allow me to use my brain as You would have me.
This life I have been given today is greater than I could ever imagine. I never thought that I could be used for something good. I never thought that my dark past could benefit someone in need. Today I have been given the power to help others. Today Be the vessel, play the role God has assigned. Take the position you have been searching for your whole life. Have you not only been searching for God? Think about it. Has not every single decision that has been made led you to this very moment? Seek and you shall find. Listen and you shall hear the sound of God.

Forget everything you think you know and have a new experience in each moment. The ideas that kept me sane yesterday are no longer a reality. The old belief that if I do what I did yesterday “I’ll be alright” is a lie. When I buy this lie, I am short changing a new experience with my Creator. Why is it that I try to live on the food that I ate yesterday? I can have everything I ever needed if I stop for a moment and feast on that which I have always sought after. What is your favorite spiritual food? Take time today to set aside the old and take in the new.

God thank you for everything. Let me be awake to having an experience with you today. Let me bring peace to every place I go. Let me be what You would have me be today.


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