The Importance of Sober Living

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The importance of sober living has long been a question for addicts and the families of those alike. Isn’t it a bad idea to put a number of addicts and alcoholics all together under one roof? Shouldn’t my loved one be reintegrating back into the world with those who don’t struggle with addiction? Hopefully I can answer these and other questions with my own experience as an addict and alcoholic with over three years clean and two years spent managing a sober living house.

My journey started with a disillusioned trip to rehab in which I completed 120 days of in patient care and it was clear I was not returning to Ohio from Texas. Shortly before I left treatment there came the question of sober living and whether I was a candidate. As an addict and alcoholic, of course I was a perfect fit. I went to apartment style living where the accountability was low and most of time was spent working, going to meetings, and attempting to return to a lifestyle conducive to staying sober.

I shortly moved to a Any Lengths sober living home and have been there ever since. While I was there we would wake up together, pray, meditate, complete chores, and check in with each other frequently. The most important thing sober living instilled in me is discipline. It also provided a safe environment to make mistakes in my new way of life and be held accountable as well as receive encouragement from those around me who were living life on a different plain.

Sober living kept me on track when I would stray but also allowed me to experience freedom of being back in society. The things I have learned and the people I have met will not soon be forgot. I look back in gratitude to have different people in places play such a vital role in my recovery.

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