Importance of HomeGroup

For most of us a sense of belonging to something genuine hadn’t been a relevant factor in our lives for a long time or maybe not at all. For myself most of the times I associated with other people or groups in general it was very surface level and although I may physically had been apart of something I still was able to separate myself and feel absolutely alone. Being part of something meaningful with real friendships was something I had longed for, for a very long time.

The importance of a home-group is just that, a meeting where I show up on a consistent basis, get a service position, and start to create valuable and lasting bonds with the people I attend with, all in order to be of service to the new man who walks through the doors. When first getting out of treatment I knew very few people in the city I ended up in and felt a little out of place. I was a fresh transplant in the state of Texas and all of my family and friends were far far away. All of theses circumstances would have been great reasons and excuses to isolate and to continue to separate myself but now having known some more facts about myself and this disease that all would end up being a fast track to a relapse. It was suggested that I find a home-group immediately and that is just what I did. I didn’t spend to much time or effort finding one, I simply just chose a group that I liked and that a few members of my house were going to as well. After joining this group I was able to witness the fellowship in action. I picked up a service commitment and started to make a host of friends and people I could rely on in need. The fact that I was able to get comfortable in this new group gave me a new sense of belonging and the confidence to start speaking in public which gave me a avenue to start trying to carry the message to a newcomer. I have also found throughout my sobriety so far that fulfilling the commitment to attending my home-group on a regular basis has been a small piece in a complete lifestyle change. Im used to going where I want to go and doing what I want to do when I want to do it. And that usually looks like not showing up or doing much of anything at all. Now that I attend my group regularly and have people that hold me accountable to do that I find that my commitments to other aspects of my life seem to be more consistent. I didn’t quite understand the importance of a home-group at first but I took suggestion. As time goes on I now see the significance in showing up as a man of integrity and principles. This is a small piece to the puzzle but a crucial one none the less.

Steve L.

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