Sober Living Environment

Sober Living Environment

Do you have men that you have sent to a Sober Living environment but new that they needed more than that, but you may not have been confident that there was a place for them to go?


I believe that Any Length Retreat can help those men. We offer a recovery program at Any Length Retreat that guarantees that men will take action through all Twelve Steps, permanently recreate their lives, become immersed in the Austin Recovery community. Both them and their families will find lifelong recovery through the application of the Twelve Steps if they can become willing, honest, and open-minded to follow Any Length Retreat’s guidance.


Apparently, we are not for every man or family. We are specifically for the man who has been through multiple treatment centers and has failed once again to remain confident in his efforts of recovery. We are for the man who gives great feedback to his peers during groups yet lacks awareness of his own difficulties. We are for the man who has so much knowledge of recovery yet cannot remain abstinent himself. We are for the man who cannot imagine his life with or without drugs and alcohol. We are for the man who believes that life will not be fun without drugs or alcohol.


Any Length Retreat addicted men, and their families find permanent recovery through the application of the Twelve Steps. Any Length Retreat is located 20 minutes from the thriving recovery community in Austin Texas on a breathtaking 5-acre ranch in Pflugerville Texas. We offer our guests an opportunity to recreate their lives permanently. We show them how to live before going into a sober living environment. They will gain access to new freedom, new happiness, and way of life that gets infinitely better as time passes.

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