Top Addictive Prescription Pills

Living in a world of temptation and stress, how is it that we cope with the conglomeration of speed bumps tossed our way? It seems that in today’s day of age you have to constantly paddle just to stay half way above water- and even that’s not enough sometimes. One way or another we manage to deal with life on life’s terms whether we like it or not. Some of us get by through gambling, others get by through meditation. Some of us enjoy delving into arts and crafts, weaving an enormous spider web made out of thousands of feet of yarn through the entirety of their living space. Some of us that is. Then there are those of us who were born with or fell into the addictive gene pool in one way or another. Powders and alcoholic beverages come and go and the reaper knocks on the other side of our doors. We handle all of our problems in life by turning to this onslaught of chemicals and various substances for just a little bit of saving relief. We recognize that it’s not solving any issues, but there is a mental obsession in addicts and alcoholics that cannot be filled ever. Thus, when the time for sobriety comes, we turn to other methods such as the 12 steps and a plethora of anonymous programs to help aid in that insanity going on upstairs. Well anyway, of these narcotics floating about on the streets and in medicine cabinets across the globe, addictive prescription pills take the cake for delivering misery onto your stoop. They’re usually easy to obtain and there’s always a constant supply and demand since they’re legal- what’s not to like?

How Much is Your Soul Worth?

No way around it, drugs and alcohol will turn you into something hard to recognize in the mirror. The chemical dependency that takes hold in most addicts and alcoholics becomes the voice of reason in most cases. Morals and values get beaten, locked in the cellar, and the key is tossed away. It’s not until we get on the other side of this addiction do we realize that that voice is not the voice. As previously mentioned, along this gloomy path of drug usage and debauchery, most addicts and alcoholics will pop open a couple of addictive prescription pill bottles and try some of the oblong shaped pharmaceuticals that rest inside. Warning: This is when tables usually take a turn for the worse if they haven’t yet. Speaking particularly from first and second hand experience with myself and others, there are usually three main categories of addictive prescription pills that get snatched up and abused. Of these three, there is an array of different types and brands that can be found, unfortunately. With more variety means more opportunity for addiction, but unfortunately they are legal in most countries- specifically the United States. First, we take a look at the category of stimulants. These are prescriptions that are written out generally for ADD and ADHD and help raise the heart rate while increasing focus. As imagined, these are typically abused by college students mostly, but the range doesn’t stop there. Doctors start prescribing children as young as 5 with bottles of Concerta, Adderall, or Ritalin even and it just opens up doors for trouble down the road.

Believe it or not, discussing the category of uppers is actually very light hearted in comparison to the other two mentionables. Don’t misunderstand at all, speed absolutely kills and addiction is addiction, but the gravity that benzodiazepines and opiates carry pale in comparison. I say this specifically in regards to how close by death wallows in the shadows of these. Benzos are never to be taken as a joke and can deliver some of the worst death delivering or death defying withdrawals ever. Benzos come in all sorts of sizes and colors but are typically known through the formal names of Klonopin, Xanax, or Valium. They are generally prescribed for anxiety/depression purposes, but in this day of age, most doctors just hand them out left and right because it’s easier to swallow a pill than to think about the events occurring in your life and/or providing a solution to your problems. It doesn’t take long for the mind and body to start depending on these as a resolution, and once it does- it’s wise to seek professional help through a recovery program.

Lastly we re-mention the dastardly addictive prescription pills-opiates and assorted pain killers that have taken the lives of so many of my closest friends through their addictions. Addiction to benzodiazepines is no joke- addiction to opiates is just downright scary. Opiates and opioid like products such as Oxycontin, Morphine, Fentanyl, Methadone, and Suboxone are all stone cold killers that will rob a person of their pride and dignity. These of course, are all pain killers or substituted for pain in one shape or form. The effects are numbing and create a euphoria that is easy to become best friends with when reality starts to bite harder and harder at your side. These, just like the benzos and stimulants before them, are handed out even for the silliest of reasons sometimes. This makes it easy for thousands and thousands of people to exaggerate their issues and complaints as they stack scripts of addictive prescription pills for their own personal numbing or for resale to another person struggling with their inner demons. The sad truth is that none of these pharmaceuticals can be outlawed or made to disappear for good. In a perfect world, when used for their correct purposes and with the right intent- they can be beneficial in medical practices and help some people tremendously. In our imperfect world, addiction is a growing epidemic and the pills are here to stay. Beware.

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