Advantages of Going to an All Male Rehab Facility

Living in a world where we are distracted by the thrill of adventure and blinded from the beauty of morality and predictability, what is one to do to make it in this world? We as addicts and alcoholics, or just human beings in general, we have a way of looking for anything we can to obtain the watered down version of the truth. The sad truth is that the truth is often sad because most people want anything they can to deter them from reality. Most normal people don’t want to sit with just themselves and figure themselves out. It can be the most uncomfortable and shameful feeling experienced- yet can be so invigorating at the same time. Unfortunately, most people never go through such processes of introspection if they don’t have to. It’s just not something most anybody would look forward to or even have the time to do. Then you put we, the chemically dependent, into the picture. Oh yeah, a much different story now.

Us addicts and alcoholics tend to take things much too far and abuse anything that makes us happy or serves us this diluted reality we crave. Diving deep into the realms of substance abuse, life shows us rather quickly that this is not a sustainable lifestyle. Life generally goes from sweet to sour in the flash of an eye as we create chaotic wreckage all around us. For some, the substances push us down the flight of stairs much quicker than others but either way, the downfall is bound to happen eventually. So when all the gates have fallen and the empire we’ve built comes burning down around us, the rational part of us that still has hope seeks for help. Detox, IOP, short and long term treatment, and halfway houses are just some of the options. Getting help is never an easy thing to do, but when sought for, it needs to be done the right way. Going to an all male rehab facility is one of the most proactive things that could be done in such settings. (Naturally, this applies to just men. Females, of course, can benefit more so from all female rehab facilities).

Don’t Get Right the Wrong Way

Be aware when distractions come your way. You’ll know it’s a distraction when you stop doing what you’re supposed to be doing and find yourself pondering things that have no value. With distractions left and right, be wary of the opposite sex becoming the ultimate diversion. Now, this isn’t to say the women have no value to men or vice versa, but this would apply more that there’s not as much value when the focus should be on self. Addiction and alcoholism are diseases. Those of us that have such ailments never lose them; they’re with us for life. So that being said, when everything comes crumbling down and we feel ourselves in over our head, we attempt to “get better.” Let’s face it, nobody in their right mind wants to stay sucked into that whirlwind of misery that the narcotics and booze bring us. We are trying to reduce how much we feel but causing more pain. It’s this silly cycle that kind of resembles a revolving door. The problem is not just the devil’s elixirs but also the way us addicts and alcoholics think. We have a tendency to process reality different in some manners and turn to the chemicals as a devil on our shoulder helping us to resolves all of life’s crises.

Once the decision to drop the substances is there, the recovery can begin. Once the recovery begins and the body starts healing itself in a sense, the numbness goes away. Emotions and hormones come flooding back to us as we start feeling back to our normal selves again. This, in turn, wakes up some lust and love factors for a lot of people. We end up going from insensitive beings to people that just want to feel. This void in us was anesthetized for the longest time, and now it’s just open and vulnerable. Talking to females in early recovery can be detrimental to many. Not just talking to them, obviously, there’s no problem with this if the person’s head is in the right place, but often times it’s not. In early recovery, we are in fragile states of being. Our emotions are temperamental and all over the place at times. Going to an all male rehab facility isn’t always what we want, but it can be exactly what we need. While in a medical setting as such and feeling very uncomfortable, the opposite gender can make us feel good. That’s not meant in just a sexual way of course either. Any bit of validation or internal substantiation can derail us from the matters at hand. Going to an all male rehab facility can give the guy time to focus solely on himself without any disturbances. (Once again, the word male can be intertwined in any female scenario as well).

While having this time to focus completely on self without hormones being spiked is very pertinent, there is also the factor of having the same sex understand what it is that is being gone through. Often times in recovery and addiction/alcoholism settings, many issues can be personal in regards to the anatomy of the body for males and females. Even sometimes it can be more so the brain chemistry in the difference between men and women. Either way, having the same gender understand and relate can be extremely motivating in early recovery. At the end of the day, it all boils down to how badly somebody wants to get clean. As mentioned previously, no it’s not enjoyable separating the opposite sex out of the picture, but if it’s done right the first time- the rest of recovery can be smooth sailing.

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