The Addiction Recovery Process is like a Puzzle with Many Different Pieces.

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The addiction recovery process is like a puzzle with many different pieces. Of course, the journey differs for every addict, but each addict’s recovery will require several essential components. Active recovery is typically the period spent in the two-week, thirty-day, or sixty- day recovery center or treatment center, during which time an individual participates in individual therapy, group sessions, life skills training, and learns essential relapse prevention techniques. However, it’s the period that immediately follows active recovery that is the most delicate time for recovering addicts. Most relapses occur during this period immediately following the completion of a recovery or treatment center because of an insufficient amount of time spent reinforcing one’s newfound sobriety. Although a Recovery Center affords the necessary time to learn vital recovery skills, it’s not enough time to practice and perfect those skills. That’s where a sober living home comes in.


The purpose of a sober living home is to afford those in recovery with an additional period in which to reinforce newfound sobriety. When an individual returns home after treatment, he must assume full responsibility for remaining sober and resisting any temptations to relapse; however, a sober living home affords individuals with a residential environment that’s more structured than their homes. In essence, individuals in sober living Retreats can “practice” remaining sober while living a mostly-independent lifestyle in the safety of a monitored, drug-free home.


What are the Benefits of Men’s Sober Living?


When it comes to transitional recovery, there are many benefits to participating in our men’s sober living home in Austin, Texas. Perhaps the most visible and significant advantage is that Any Length’s sober living home affords a period in which to transition from active recovery to becoming solely accountable for one’s sobriety. Since the period following treatment is such a delicate time in the recovery journey, having the time to get acclimated to a sober lifestyle in a structured and supervised residential environment helps to strengthen an individual’s recovery, decreasing the likelihood of relapsing upon returning home.


The added adjustment period isn’t the only benefit of our men’s sober living home in Austin, Texas. Some of the other benefits include having the opportunity to learn to be more responsible, to assume accountability for one’s actions and sobriety, regaining one’s independence, and creating new routines that will safeguard one’s sobriety.

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