Responsibility and Accountability

Responsibility and Accountability

While in active addiction, most addicts lose touch with many of the skills and abilities that are needed to be an independent member of society. For instance, they take very little care of their bodies and physical health, adopt unhealthy eating habits, and place minimal importance on their hygiene. This exacerbates the state of poor health caused by daily substance abuse, requiring individuals to begin re-learning these skills as part of the recovery process. Of course, many of these skills are re-gained in a recovery or treatment center setting, but being able to implement them on a daily basis requires a period of practice. Our men’s sober living home in Austin allows individuals to have an extended period in which to practice caring for themselves and tend to their basic human needs. This minimizes the possibility of the effects of poor physical health causing a relapse after an individual returns home.


Accountability is another important part of the recovery process that’s learned but not perfected while in addiction treatment. Over the course of active addiction, most addicts get into the habit of blaming external sources for the majority of their problems, including their actual addictions. Being able to take accountability for one’s actions and circumstances are essential for an individual to achieve lasting sobriety and can be learned while in our men’s sober living home in Austin, Texas.


Learning to Live a Sober, Independent Life


Alcohol or drug abuse is the center of an addict’s life, becoming more important than careers, relationships, physical health, and virtually anything else. After getting sober, many individuals find that the most challenging part of being in recovery is that they still feel like alcohol and drug abuse should be the center of their lives. Getting through this challenging transitional period requires an individual to begin establishing a new lifestyle in which substance abuse it’s at the center. Our men’s sober living in Austin provides an ideal way of creating and getting acclimated to this new recovery lifestyle.


While living in our men’s sober living homes, an individual will benefit from a certain amount of structure throughout each day. Residents are encouraged to participate in daily activities such as morning meditation and prayer groups, life skills training sessions, twelve-step study groups, and a variety of others. Meanwhile, residents have opportunities to join recovery fellowships both within the sober homes and in the communities. In effect, there’s enough daily structure to help residents learn open-mindedness, cooperation, independence, time management, productivity, and relapse prevention skills. Our men’s sober living home in Austin, Texas is designed to be an individual’s launching pad, helping him transition from rehabilitation to long-term recovery.


Preparing for Long-Term Sobriety


As you can see, the most significant benefit of sober living homes is that it offers individuals a period during which to develop a sober lifestyle and practice living life free from substance abuse. While some individuals have experienced success in recovery without sober living, these recovery residences are designed to reinforce one’s recovery, minimizing an individual’s potential for relapse and making a long, sober life a reality. Success in recovery doesn’t happen overnight, which is why it’s essential for individuals to take ample time to transition into this new, healthier way of living.


At Any Length Retreat Center, our men’s recovery home in Austin was designed as a means of helping individuals become more confident in their newfound recovery. However, it also serves as a time for individuals to establish lasting relationships with other individuals in the recovery community; many of the connections that residents make in our recovery home turn into lasting friendships. If you would like to join Any Length family by signing up for our men’s recovery residence in Austin or to learn more about one of the other Retreats we offer, contact Any Length Retreat Center today. Let us help you or your loved one regain independence and become a responsible, independent member of the community.

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