Today is a New Day.

Today is a new day. Take this opportunity to create a unique experience with the life that God has blessed you with today. See what you can bring to each moment that you get to participate in today. What are you grateful for today? What motivates you to be the best you can be for today? The past is gone, do not dwell on it. The future is not right here. All we have is right now. We can be inspired by this very moment and create a new possibility in our lives. Today I invite you to do something different. If you have been procrastinating because of fear of what will happen if you fail, then set aside that doubt, reach out to your fellows and talk about this concern and then take action. Become motivated to be the best you can be today. For today is all we have. If you have been lazy in your responsibilities at work or school, take action today, devote your morning to prayer and meditation and see where you have been falling short. When you see the truth instead of getting down on yourself, do the next right thing. Believe in your purpose. If you do not have a clear purpose, sit quietly and ask, the answers will come if you honestly want it. Why are you here? What drives you to get out of bed in the morning? What is your inspiration? These are great questions to ponder. If you are feeling down today, take time to ignite that inner passion. Take time to slow down and think about what you are grateful for today. Remember that this is your responsibility. If you are not motivated, inspired, grateful, etc. this is on you and no one else. Today take responsibility for your actions. Get present and reboot. The time is NOW.

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