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Responsibility and Accountability

Responsibility and Accountability

While in active addiction, most addicts lose touch with many of the skills and abilities that are needed to be an independent member of society. For instance, they take very little care of their bodies and physical health, adopt unhealthy eating habits, and place minimal importance on their hygiene. This exacerbates the state of poor … Read More

Spiritual GANGSTA

The Addiction Recovery Process is like a Puzzle with Many Different Pieces.

The addiction recovery process is like a puzzle with many different pieces. Of course, the journey differs for every addict, but each addict’s recovery will require several essential components. Active recovery is typically the period spent in the two-week, thirty-day, or sixty- day recovery center or treatment center, during which time an individual participates in … Read More

Recovery and 12 Steps

Recovery and 12 Steps

Peanut butter and jelly, turkey and dressing, beans and rice, bacon and eggs. Somethings are just better served together. The same is accurate with recovery and 12 steps, willingness, honesty, and open-mindedness. We have a purpose to leave a legacy. We can leave one based on fact or based on fiction. Why do we as … Read More

Give Thanks

Recovered for Life Might Seem like a Bold Statement.

Recovered for Life might seem like a bold statement.  But is it? Is it unreasonable to believe that you and your loved one can recover from alcoholism/drug addiction permanently? Is it unreasonable to think that you and your family could become a whole unit and help other families find recovery?   Our alumni and parents … Read More

Where Do We Find Power?

Where Do We Find Power?

Where do we find power? What kind of power do you want to live by? I believe there are two powers in this world: Darkness and Light. Everything is capable of emerging out of the darkness into the light. Nothing can outrace its own light. Powerful! So, why do we stay stuck? Why is it … Read More

Good decisions

What is Our Purpose?

What is our purpose? Is it to get what we need and help others when we can? Can we get by each day if we only help others when it is convenient? Do we want to just merely survive, or do we want to grow and thrive; to become productive individuals and help rebuild communities. … Read More

Give Freely

The Present Moment is Free

“The greatest human quest is to know what one must do to become a human being.” —IMMANUEL KANT   The present moment is free. We have sometimes found it impossible to be in the moment. Today, I was driving to visit a friend in the hospital and ran a red light. Nothing tragic happened. I … Read More

Drug free

Let Go of Yesterday and Live Wholly for Today

Broken Dreams “As children bring their broken toys With tears for us to mend, I brought my broken dreams to God Because He was my Friend. “But instead of leaving Him In peace to work alone, I hung around and tried to help with ways that were my own. At last, I snatched them back … Read More

Spiritual Value


“We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us!   We’re all going to die, all of us, what a circus! That alone should make us love each other, but it doesn’t. We are terrorized and flattened by trivialities, we are eaten up … Read More

How much freedom do you want?


“You forget that you have just now tapped a source of power much greater than yourself.” BB pg 63   God is in our innermost being, yet we look everywhere ‘out there’ in our life instead of where the Big Book tells us, “We found the Great Reality deep down within us.” I’ve found access … Read More

Responsibility and Accountability

THUS WE GROW… giving it away to GET & KEEP IT!

Bill W & Dr. Bob told AA #3, Bill D, “We’re giving you a treatment for alcoholism.”  That was in June 1935. He never drank again. He too has become a respected and useful member of his community. So, you see, there were three alcoholics in that town, who now felt they had to give … Read More

positive signs of rehabilitation

On Step Two

The question the Big Book gives us for a beginner taking Step 2 is found on page 47: “Do I now believe, or am I even willing to believe, that there is a Power greater than myself?”   For those of us who are going through the Steps more than once or who already have … Read More

Sober Living Environment

Sober Living Environment

Do you have men that you have sent to a Sober Living environment but new that they needed more than that, but you may not have been confident that there was a place for them to go?   I believe that Any Length Retreat can help those men. We offer a recovery program at Any … Read More

The Any Length Retreat’s Philosophy

Importance of HomeGroup

For most of us a sense of belonging to something genuine hadn’t been a relevant factor in our lives for a long time or maybe not at all. For myself most of the times I associated with other people or groups in general it was very surface level and although I may physically had been … Read More

Drug free

The Importance of Sober Living

The importance of sober living has long been a question for addicts and the families of those alike. Isn’t it a bad idea to put a number of addicts and alcoholics all together under one roof? Shouldn’t my loved one be reintegrating back into the world with those who don’t struggle with addiction? Hopefully I … Read More

Good decisions

5 Low Stress Jobs to Help You Make Ends Meet During Recovery

When you are just starting in recovery, it can be difficult to deal with just about anything else. Your focus needs to be on getting better and getting to the root of your addiction, but you likely also need some simple ways to make ends meet financially, too. Gig jobs can be a great option … Read More

The importance of a homegroup

The importance of a homegroup

For most of us a sense of belonging to something genuine hadn’t been a relevant factor in our lives for a long time or maybe not at all. For myself most of the times i associated with other people or groups in general it was very surface level and although i may physically had been … Read More

Working in Recovery

Working in Recovery

Human beings are in a constant and continuous conversation inside their minds. This dialogue that exists in our thoughts can be the source of great turmoil. All people struggle with the existence of mental conflict throughout their lifetime. Life is about finding satisfaction with one’s self. Society often leads one to believe that material possessions … Read More

Any Length Retreat

Dr. Samford Recommends Any Length

The good news is that there are many treatment and care options available for those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. The not so good news is that many providers in today’s marketplace have lost connection with ethical practices and providing quality client care. As a clinician in the field, it is imperative that I … Read More

Responsibility and Accountability

Ev’ry Day (I’m) Recoverin

“Do you feel Lucky, Punk”? (or) Do you feel Blessed? We’re all familiar with the first quote from the Clint Eastwood movie, but what about that second question?  Do I feel Blessed? What the heck does that mean – I don’t go to church.  If you feel – either Lucky – or – Unlucky, most … Read More

Getting Sober

Getting Sober: How Your Body and Mind Heal

Getting sober – for too many people, those two words represent a seemingly-unattainable reality. You feel like you’re endlessly falling down a hole leading to inevitable death, and then someone throws you a rope. But now what? Instead of early death, you’re faced with the prospect of once again having a future through recovery and … Read More

Mental health impairment

How Even Moderate Drinking Can Lead to Brain Decline

Ethanol and the intoxicating spirits derived from it have been around longer than anybody can account for. Alcohol and the severe or moderate drinking attached with it happens to be everywhere you turn. Whether celebrating or mourning something taking place or just completely trying to mask your feelings and hide from life- it has been … Read More

Why We Are NOT A “Treatment” Center

Do you want to stop going in and out of treatment centers? Do you want to stop relapsing? The Any Length Recovery Center for Men has an affordable alternative to treatment centers. Our experience has shown us, that if you are the real addict or alcoholic, many traditional treatment center techniques won’t be effective. If you’re … Read More

A full life

New Study Concludes Drinking Makes You Older at a Cellular Level

We celebrate a birthday once a year but we are allowed to commemorate our unbirthdays 364 days of the year. In the end, age is just a number though. What really matters is life experience and understanding as we continue to age on a cellular level. We’re given this one vessel to live in doing … Read More

economic aids

Texas Receives Millions in Aid to Fight Opioid Crisis

Human beings- what remarkable creatures! We have existed and endured for thousands of years through change. On a planet that is constantly revolving with its inhabitants evolving, we have overcome so much and continued to thrive through stimulated conditions. We have created cures to diseases that ran rampant at one point in time. We have … Read More

Fear of sobriety

Why Do People Fear Getting Sober?

Nobody in their right mind stays awake at night praying and wishing they would become an alcoholic or a junkie the very next day. It doesn’t happen overnight just like that. Unfortunately, becoming a professional addict or alcoholic generally takes months or years of debauchery indulging and practice in ruining everything in your life and … Read More

No insulation

How to Avoid and Overcome Isolation in Sobriety

Getting sand on your ice cream, spilling ketchup in your bed, or getting an all peanut butter sandwich without jelly- these are a few things I don’t care for. You know what else I don’t care for? My alcoholic thinking. It’s the worst when you enter recovery to better your life and the production ahead … Read More

Strength and will

The Role of Willpower in Addiction and Sobriety

As you read these words, think about you reading these words- then think about that. That’s, of course, a strange way to open up an article, but one that proves a point. The human brain creates its own perception of everything and the limitations are endless on one end of the spectrum. The things that … Read More

The importance of higher power.

The Importance of a Higher Power and Why it can be Anything You Want

Do you ever just wake up and sometimes feel like you’re in a bad version of Groundhogs Day? Nothing new or exciting really going on as routine and structure dictate the details of your life. Day in and day out- punch in and punch out. Everything just kind of becomes predictable. It can be a … Read More

Complacent with sobriety

Subtle Signs You’ve Become Complacent in Sobriety

I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes. Okay, okay, it’s cheesy, I know. The point to my horrible joke was to acknowledge that seeing the signs is always favorable. As addicts and alcoholics, we love to turn a blind eye to the things we don’t want to deal with and make them … Read More

Daily Tips

Add These Tips to Your Daily Reprieve!

Have you ever stopped to just sit awestruck in amazement at how remarkable this one life we are given truly is? We are handed the power of choice and a conglomeration of opportunities to be something or nothing and live as we please- within boundaries of course. We, as in the human race, tend to … Read More

Suggestions for Newcomers

10 Suggestions for Newcomers

Addiction is like this alter ego that lives inside of us. It has its own voice and makes demands pretty frequently. Upon immersing ourselves into the nasty waters of addiction and alcoholism, we usually find ourselves struggling to tread in the deep end (as the current will surely always take us). The chaos that amalgamates … Read More

Standard Drug Test

What Drugs Don’t Show Up On a Standard Drug Test

As I hum the pink panther tune and think about how being sneaky comes so instinctively, it’s important to note that this is what addicts and alcoholics do. We have a gene in us that makes us the best liars, actors, and manipulators out there. This is not an excuse to act like a complete … Read More

Alcohol Use

3 Types of Alcoholic Drinking

For many, knowing if you are actually an alcoholic can be confusing. Often, people are in denial and do not want to admit they have a drinking problem, or they simply do not want to believe they actually have alcoholic drinking tendencies. It is not commonly known what actually defines alcoholic drinking, and there are … Read More

Drug free

10 Ways to Break Drug Cravings

Imagine yourself walking down the sidewalk. Maybe you’re texting on your phone or maybe you’re smoking a cigarette and just casually whistling the tune from Kill Bill. Maybe you’re lost and just walked into a yoga studio in session and made a bunch of noise rather rudely as you were caught off guard realizing it … Read More

Thinking in sobriety

Why You Can’t Think Yourself Sober

More than likely, nobody would be taking the time to read this article if we hadn’t positioned ourselves to a point of needing help or advice from somebody with similar struggles who had also doused their life in kerosene and struck a match. Far too often, the bulk of us were living the dream and … Read More

positive signs of rehabilitation

10 Classic Signs of Enabling an Addict

The mysteries of life! We are all shot out into this world without the slightest inkling as to what’s ahead and the mistakes to come. Life is one of those things that just comes to you slowly where it’s best just to experience something for yourself rather than to be told about it. In this … Read More

austin drug rehab

Faith Without Works is Dead

Life is a big learning game with a lot of curve balls thrown in our directions. Although we strike out often, the curve balls are the life lessons we need to make us better players. In a cynical frame of mind, life is just a collection of mistakes and we, as human beings, decide whether … Read More

Give Freely

Why Addiction is a Disease

Imagine you’re walking down the hallway of life. You take a left heading one way, and then you take a right heading another. As you pick up the pace, you hear the scuffle of your feet and the after trail of your past and the footprints left in it. You take another left avoiding a … Read More

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