Any Length Webinar Recap: Q&A With Anthony

Any Length Webinar

Back in April, we hosted our first-ever national webinar. It was a privilege to orchestrate a Q&A session with one of Any Length Retreat’s alumni, Anthony Brooks, about his experience with addiction, his time at the retreat, and what his life is like now that he’s two years sober. If you didn’t have a chance to tune into the live webinar session, keep reading for an overview of what you missed!

As a teenager, Anthony experimented with drugs until he found the one that gave him the feelings he was looking for: heroin. After causing a serious car accident, Anthony went into court-sanctioned treatment for the first time, though he relapsed almost immediately after his probation period was over.

It wasn’t until arriving at Any Length that Anthony was finally able to work toward lifelong recovery.

He believes that the instant feeling of community and the learned sense of responsibility were what helped him to make the change. This was Anthony’s first time working through the 12 steps in their entirety.

Now two years sober, Anthony is finding himself successful in both his personal life and career. Anthony’s story is inspiring, and many other men have experienced similar victories over addiction after coming to our retreat. Lifelong recovery is possible for anyone and everyone.

Want to hear more about Anthony’s experience? Check out the recording on our YouTube channel for that and answers to FAQs such as:

  • How can the 12 steps help those suffering from addiction and co-occurring mental health issues
  • What is the best way to support and help someone after they’ve gone through recovery?
  • Should I refuse to take my son back in?
  • Does addiction or alcoholism have anything to do with the way a person is raised?

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