Intervening on the Family

Intervening on the Family

Any Length Retreat works diligently with families of addicted loved ones. Often times during an intervention the loved one becomes the center of attention, because that is the center of the current crisis. After the “crisis”, the loved one using and engaging in harmful actions is in recovery, meaning they are now in the care of the Any Length Retreat Staff, and this is when the real work begins. 

The real recovery work is diving into all the thoughts, feelings, and actions that each member of the family have engaged in to enable their loved ones addictive and harmful behaviors. Once families start to truly dissect their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, they begin to see the harmful nature of how they have been navigating their loved ones addiction.

When a family ends poor communication, playing off each other, and sneaking behind each others backs to ‘help’ their addicted family member, they begin to become a united front and begin to heal. As a united front, their loved one will see that they are serious about the recovery process. This realization in the mind of an addict can push them towards engaging more diligently in their own program of recovery, because well they have no other option or outlet. 

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