How Long Does Drug Recovery Take?

how long does recovery take

How long does it take to get over an addiction? This is a good question, although there are no simple answers to this as every person is different. Most medical professionals working in recovery say that you can’t ever eliminate your tendency for addiction. Getting over an addiction to a substance or alcohol isn’t anything like recovering from a cold or the flu. In the long run, receiving quality drug/alcohol treatment and finding a healthy support system after treatment are your best chances for coping with addiction.

Rehab treatment typically lasts anywhere from 30 days to a year. An average effective treatment period is around 90 days. These 90 days are dependent upon the scope of the individual’s addiction, the rehab facility, and the type of drug treatment the person chooses. In a sense, rehab lasts a lifetime. A former addict is always on guard for a possible relapse, but by using the tools learned while in treatment rehab, one will be able to use their defenses to weaken the chances of relapse.

Recovery is always possible, however, most people who are addicted are not able to stop on their own. In fact, this is a true sign of addiction — the inability to stop using a substance on your own. Rather than struggle on your own, it’s best to seek treatment at a quality drug rehab. At our addiction recovery program in Austin, Any Length Retreat offers a 12-step solution based program where individuals are able to overcome addiction through a multitude of tools used to live a life of sobriety and happiness. Remember, when you leave drug treatment, you are not leaving your addiction behind which is why it’s critical to choose a center that offers quality aftercare services such as sober living.

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