Working in Recovery

Human beings are in a constant and continuous conversation inside their minds. This
dialogue that exists in our thoughts can be the source of great turmoil. All people struggle with
the existence of mental conflict throughout their lifetime. Life is about finding satisfaction with
one’s self. Society often leads one to believe that material possessions are the ultimate
representation of success. However, are these material possessions not a desperate attempt to
satisfy something inside?

Contentment is what we are truly seeking. When we are hungry, we eat to become
content. When we are thirsty, we drink to become content. When we have sex, it is to satisfy an
instinctual desire that is causing discontentment. Those suffering from drug and alcohol
addiction are the epitome of mental distress. Their very minds are poison and screaming for
immediate relief from suffering. These individuals are experiencing discontentment on a cosmic
level. Desperation for satisfaction that will drive a person to engage in insane and irrational
behaviors. The average person will overeat or spend too much money to get some gratification.
An addicted individual will participate in dangerous and illegal acts to satisfy an overwhelmingly
powerful drive for gratification. Logic and reason are no longer in effect.
A person battling the disease of addiction often requires being physically removed from
society due to the fact they can no longer operate in society’s parameters. No amount of money
or physical pleasure can satisfy their insatiable appetite for gratification. This addiction has to be
treated by those who are experienced in dealing with such afflictions. The recovered drug addict
is the most qualified for such an endeavor. Those who have recovered know the very thoughts
and feelings of the sufferer. More importantly, recovered individuals are armed with the effective
solution. Recovered addicts are the most useful and fruitful resource a suffering addict can
utilize. Despite this fact, the recovered addict is still a human power.

The recovered addict in a spiritually fit condition remains in a state of neutrality to the
obsession of chemical gratification. Even in a state of wellness, recovered individuals deal with
life problems and make mistakes. It is a process of trial and error that sharpens one’s mettle. A
recovered individual must stay in consistent discipline of maintaining physical, mental, and
spiritual wellness. The recovered individual working in the recovery industry must compound
those efforts exponentially. Addiction is a soul sucking and life taking illness. Working with and
around still sick sufferers will leave a direct caregiver depleted in every aspect of the word. It is
dangerous and downright irresponsible for a person working in recovery to neglect their own
personal wellbeing. Not everyone can do it, but someone has to, and no one can do it like those
who have recovered. But it is important to be well, stay well, then get others well. Even in a
safety demonstration on a commercial jet they tell passengers to put on their oxygen mask
before assisting others. If I am not receiving the Power, I cannot be a reflection of it.

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