A better approach to alcohol and drug rehab 

Any Length Retreat is a nationally respected men’s addiction recovery retreat near Austin, TX. Our drug and alcohol rehab is where men and their families find lifelong freedom from addiction through our holistic approach to healing substance use disorder.

Where most traditional addiction treatment centers talk about drugs and alcohol as the problem, we talk about why you see them as a solution. Every addiction has a fundamental cause, and we can’t repair that which we don’t understand. Our program is centered on helping you understand yourself, how you reached this point in life, and what your true purpose is so you can stop numbing and instead build a life of purpose and meaning.


and group sessions

Life Skills Training

and personal development



and accountability

12 Steps



and nutrition


Developing Healthy Coping Skills,

hobbies, and plans for lifelong sobriety

The Embrace Wellness System

We are interconnected beings, and each part of ourselves affects the other. While we sometimes wish recovery was as simple as a chemical detox or attending therapy, you are more complex—and amazing!—than that. 

For example, feeling bad in our bodies and/or minds can trigger the desire to drink or use, and drinking and using can take a massive toll on our bodies and minds. That’s why we use the a three-prong Embrace Wellness approach to your addiction recovery

Mind Using drugs or alcohol is often a strategy for masking deeper levels of pain or discomfort.

From depression and anxiety to unresolved trauma, there are a number of psychological and emotional issues that can contribute to addiction. Our recovery coaches work with each guest to uncover which of these factors could be driving their substance use disorder. 

We also help you understand the nature of substance abuse and how it can be exacerbated by chemical imbalances in the brain. You will learn how to be more compassionate with yourself, combat feelings of shame, and heal underlying trauma that has made overcoming addiction difficult in the past.

We work to repair the damage that substances have done to the body through physical fitness and wholesome nutrition, all offered onsite at our rehab center in Austin, TX. This isn’t about looking fit, although that can be a welcomed result. It’s about:

  • Retraining your brain
  • Developing new, healthy habits to replace the old, unhealthy ones
  • Building self-esteem, self-worth, and confidence
  • Increased quality of life—feeling better and stronger so you can do more things you love!

At Any Length Retreat, we believe that recovery is, above all, a spiritual process. We focus on developing spiritual wellness by helping you connect with the things that give you purpose. This isn’t a faith-based or religious program; instead, it is a journey outside of your own ego and into your most authentic self. You will reconnect with self and others through the values of selflessness, service, and curiosity about yourself and the universe.

The 12 Steps

When we say Any Length Retreat is spiritual, we don’t mean religious. We mean that we help you get to the spiritual root of addiction—the wounds, the triggers, and the whys behind substance abuse—so that you can become the healthiest version of yourself.

We do this through facilitation of the 12 Steps, an evidence-based recovery process and path to sobriety that has been used for more than 85 years. While recovery is mutli-faceted and we use many different modalities at Any Length, the principles of the 12 Steps are essential because they address the part of the person that few clinical methods do: the soul.

A 12 Step program teaches that being responsible, accountable, loving, selfless, and helpful to others is all part of being in recovery. But the goal of the 12 Steps is not only to achieve recovery; it is to achieve a better life. It’s a soul-deep process that can be used to stay sober for the rest of your life.

Lifetime Recovery Community™

After your stay at Any Length Retreat, you will become part of our Lifetime Recovery Community™, a network of ALR alumni, mentors, and support resources. We have an open door policy for alumni, meaning you can return to Any Length at any time, for any reason. The Lifetime Recovery Community™ also includes:

Continued communication
with your mentor
Alumni Support Groups
and monthly alumni outings
with sober living communities in Austin and beyond
to 12 Step programs and recovery communities in your local area
Opportunities to Invest
in other men on and give back through a life of service
We can help you recover what has been stolen by addiction, and become stronger, healthier, more resilient, and happier than you’ve ever been. Call or text (512) 960-1440 today and take the first step towards freedom.
- Kent B.
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“This place gave me my life back. It showed me what I can be and what I needed to do to be that person. It gave me all the tools that I needed to achieve long-term recovery. I couldn’t have asked for a better treatment center!”
- Reece C.
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“This place truly got me from my lowest point to my highest and guided me to where I am today. The 12 Step program taught at ALR has been more beneficial than anywhere I’ve gone previously. It gave me all the tools I needed to achieve long term sobriety.”
- Nora P.
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“I have only good things to say about Any Length Retreat. It has saved my son’s life.”
-Anthony I.
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“Two and a half years ago my younger brother came through these doors, and since the completion of his stay at Any Length, he has maintained his sobriety. Seeing the change in him inspired me to get help for my addiction, and ALR was the obvious choice. The experience here was powerful.”
-Russell B.
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“If you are serious about recovery, Any Length has the tools. Don’t wait another day; tomorrow may be too late.”
Say goodbye to band-aid solutions and find a better way to recover at Any Length Retreat. 
Call or text (512) 960-1440 to begin your journey today.