Why We Are NOT A “Treatment” Center

Do you want to stop going in and out of treatment centers?
Do you want to stop relapsing?
The Any Length Recovery Center for Men has an affordable alternative to treatment centers.
Our experience has shown us, that if you are the real addict or alcoholic, many traditional treatment center techniques won’t be effective.
If you’re a real alcoholic or drug addict you know what it’s like to have everything to lose and swear you’re never going to use again — but then end up using over and over.
Too many treatment centers try to focus on an intellectual solution to the problem of addiction.  They’ll have you make a list of everything you stand to lose by using, but if you’re anything like us, you already know what you stand to lose, but that doesn’t stop us from using.
At Any Length Recovery Center for Men, we do not do treatment, we do recovery.   We give men the opportunity to create a foundation in recovery that will last for a lifetime.
Alcoholism and drug addiction cannot be treated, however, you can recover and we at Any Length will introduce you to other men in the recovery community who will lay out a plan of action for you to follow not only while at Any Length Retreat but for the rest of your life.
We believe in getting men engaged in action rather than sitting around and talking about feelings.
 We believe that alcohol and drugs are not the problem. Our experience as other men in recovery is that we used drugs and alcohol as a symptom of our problem.

A life of freedom is just one phone call away

Healing from substance use disorder isn’t linear, but it does always start with taking the first step. Our team of caring admissions specialists are here for you 24/7. Please, reach out, and let us guide you towards freedom and a new way of life.

Call or text (512) 960-1440 today to begin your journey to wholeness.