How to Control Your Drinking

There are many among us who drink. Some drink rarely, some drink moderately, some drink a little too much, and some simply can’t control their drinking. It is a common phenomenon to discover that, even after a few drinks, you still want more. You find that you can easily pick up a drink, but putting it down is tricky. You desperately try to find ways to measure how much you drink, and control yourself from going overboard. The common question arises: how do you control your drinking?

The simple answer is that you may not be able to. It is a sad reality, but one that we all have to acknowledge and accept. Among us there are people who simply cannot control the amount they drink, and they can’t seem to stop, no matter what the case may be. You start drinking in the morning, before going to work, at work, when you’re out with friends, and by yourself. No matter how many times you tell yourself “I’m gonna control it this time”, it never seems to work.

This predicament is commonly referred to as being powerless against the cunning, baffling and powerful foe that is alcohol. You see, there exists among us a group of people who share this common trait of being powerless over alcohol; a group that constantly obsesses about how to drink like other, normal people, and is consistently baffled by the simple inability to control their drinking habits. These people are referred to as alcoholics. If you find that you cannot control the amount that you drink, or are constantly finding ways to try to moderate how much you drink, you may be suffering from a disease that can only be thwarted by having a complete psychic change, and you may need to take a hard look at where this progressive disease will lead you.

For some, it may take having a difficult experience with misery to finally concede with the fact that they are alcoholic. Some people never end up possessing the bravery and honesty it takes to admit to themselves that they are powerless over alcohol, and require help. There are those to, that have recovered from this seemingly hopeless state of mind, and seek to help others recover from alcoholism. If you feel that you may be an alcoholic, it may behoove you to seek one of these people out, for they are witnesses to what having a complete psychic change can do for the man that still suffers, and try to carry the message of hope to such people.

It takes courage to admit that you may have a problem with your drinking. It requires a certain amount of soul searching that is far from easy, and requires supreme honesty and open-mindedness. IF you feel that you may have a problem, reach out to someone who has been in your shoes; someone you has experienced the powerlessness, and has found a way to a higher form of power. Seek those who have battled alcoholism, and you may find that what they can offer you solves your problem of how to control your drinking.

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