Comprehensive, Holistic Focus

Comprehensive, Holistic Focus

Comprehensive, Holistic Focus
The exhaustive schedules of most clinical treatment centers have a tendency to stress patients out more than they provide the reassurance that recovery is supposed to provide. In such circumstances, it becomes quite difficult to retain information and to incorporate sobriety into one’s daily regimen. Instead, our 60-day addiction recovery center in Austin, Texas, could be seen as a retreat rather than a rehabilitation center due to the holistic emphasis at the heart of our retreat. As you may already be aware, a holistic approach to addiction recovery is the most comprehensive of all recovery approaches, ensuring that a person’s physical, emotional, spiritual, and social needs are met as part of the recovery process.
Spirituality is welcome in our 60-day Austin Texas addiction recovery center. Our meditation sessions can also serve as guided prayer meetings, providing individuals with time each day during which to focus on their spiritual needs and strengthen their spiritual or religious beliefs. Meanwhile, there is an inherently social nature to the 60-day Any Length Retreat since individuals will reside in accommodations in which there are other Retreat participants, encouraging all individuals to develop supportive, encouraging connections to others in our Retreats.

Emphasis on the Twelve Steps
Like many of the most effective clinical programs, our 60-day addiction recovery center in Austin, Texas, has a firm basis in the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. The Twelve Steps have helped hundreds of millions of individuals get sober for almost a century, which is why it remains one of the most well-known and widely-used recovery tools. However, there’s a misconception that a person must have a strong sense of spirituality to use or benefit from the Twelve Steps when, in fact, the spiritual aspects of the Twelve Steps aren’t even the most important.

Our sixty-day recovery center for alcoholism in Austin Texas has an emphasis on the twelve-step method because of the numerous other benefits that it offers for those in recovery. For instance, our focus on the twelve-step way helps individuals learn to take an objective inventory of character defects that contributed to their addictions, develop strategies for overcoming or compensating for those defects, become accountable for one’s own actions and wrongs committed against others, and see the importance of one’s relationships by making amends for those wrongs.

A New Hope for Lasting Recovery
Many individuals harbor the belief that the problem with addiction is the alcohol or drugs. Since these substances are the objects of millions and millions of individuals’ addictions, it’s hard not to consider them the source of an addict’s problems. However, another focus of our sixty-day non-clinical drug rehab in Austin, Texas, is in helping individuals to see addiction in a new light: Rather than alcohol or drugs being the problem, the real problem is the individual. But likewise, the individual is also the solution.

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