Why You Can’t Think Yourself Sober

Thinking in sobriety

More than likely, nobody would be taking the time to read this article if we hadn’t positioned ourselves to a point of needing help or advice from somebody with similar struggles who had also doused their life in kerosene and struck a match. Far too often, the bulk of us were living the dream and partying hard all day every day. The actuality of the situation is that it’s not a party if it happens every day and every night.

We were having a little bit of innocent fun so it seemed, and before we know it, was sucked into the misery that is alcoholic thinking at its finest. This is more than life just spitting a few bad hands of cards at us. This is kind of like the dealer has just pulled a gun on you and we are now out of chips, in debt, and also just accidentally lit this place in flames too. This scenario is all too familiar for addicts and alcoholics in active use. It’s really not until we admit defeat and walk into the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous that we really start to recognize the benefits of becoming and staying sober. Yet there’s hesitation. It takes action and we all know you can’t think yourself sober. However, this is where the real resolution and development upstairs begins to take place. Once you start entertaining the idea of this whole recovery thing and recognizing you can’t think yourself sober just like you can’t think yourself a millionaire or think for your life to just get better- that’s when the seeds of growth actually start sprouting.  

Ready, Set, ACTION

One would be lying if they said that detoxifying and entering recovery was simple. Yet, one would be lying if they said entering recovery was extremely difficult too. Life can be viewed at in the same perspective in that it’s neither easy nor complicated. It’s all about finding a healthy balance and taking action when appropriate. Of course, with this pesky disease, you have to want the sobriety more than it wants you. The thing with this illness is that it never goes away despite age, race, gender- blah blah blah. Look- alcoholism will take you out and put you in a hole 6 feet deep regardless of how many wrinkles are on your precious face or whatever planet it is you claim to be from. Hell, it doesn’t matter whether you identify as an ear of corn in the year 2017. No matter whom you are or what you do, if you’re up against the vice grips of addiction then proceed with caution. They say it never leaves and that you can’t think yourself sober or out of alcoholism. Well “they” say a lot of things- but this actually happens to be some of the factual things “they” say

The reality of the matter is that when it comes to addiction and alcoholism- they are diseases. If you’re somebody who can’t come to terms with calling it a disease then call it a disorder. Call it whatever name you want, but accept the fact that it is something that doesn’t go away. You can’t think yourself sober for the same reasons you can’t think away your cancer. It’s an involuntary leech that attaches to you in the face, whether you think it’s fair or not. Life is often times not fair, but it’s always about how we deal with the problem at hand.  

Recovery becomes the top priority in our lives once we accept our alcoholism because it teaches us wisdom and the tools we need to just survive against ourselves. It’s not just grandpa’s cough medicine causing such a ruckus, but more so our alcoholic thinking being the culprit. Our specific, obsessive way of thinking is the exact reason why you can’t think yourself sober. Without the practice of the 12 steps and a solution to implement, it’s said that we addicts and alcoholics would be doomed to follow the bottle off the edge of the earth where the sidewalk ends and wouldn’t think twice about it. Sobriety and recovery deliver our sanity back to us once we take the action of detoxing and dropping the suds.

It is through practicing the 12 steps and entering some form of a fellowship that we become people again. Yes, as active addicts and alcoholics we were people still, but we were shells of the human beings we had the potential to be. You see, it’s here in the rooms that you learn about introspection and selflessness. It is here that you learn of the irrationality at hand in wondering why we couldn’t and still can’t think yourself sober. It is here that we learn of a new life without substances to handicap us from productivity.   

Through all this learning and yearning is where the life beyond your wildest dreams is conjured up. You can think up the idea of sobriety, but to achieve it, action has to be taken and patterns have to be broken. Obviously, without question, the substances have to be out of the picture- that’s the big no-brainer. Even with the substances gone, sobriety is still not guaranteed. It starts to boil down to being honest, open-minded, and willing in our ways. No, you can’t think yourself sober, but you can think yourself in the direction of sobriety as you allow your actions to follow suit. As we implement these morals and values into our life, the changes being brought forth become apparent. Things all around begin to improve as we make the changes happen.  The catch is that we can’t just wake up one day and decide to be sober. Sobriety requires a daily look in the mirror as you practice being selfless.

Don’t Think Too Hard About It

The truth of the matter is that we all have our ups and downs- this is part of the human experience. For some of us though, we have no idea how to deal with the downs brought on by alcoholism. It just takes this firm grasp of our life and starts controlling all aspects no matter how much willpower we exert. That’s the thing though- we can’t beat addiction/alcoholism on our own. Trust that it takes love. Trust that it takes support. Trust that it takes help. If you or a loved one is struggling with chemical dependency and are ready for help, call 1-866-433-1992 or visit www.anylength.net. We are ready to give you any suggestions possible and set you or your loved one on a path that we can all be proud of.

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