Look Inside Yourself for a Solution to All Your Problems

You are the solution to your problems.

Looking inside myself is not something that I am comfortable doing. I would rather get instant relief and seek comfort from the material world. Why is it that I would rather choose comfort over character? Why is it that I need to be disciplined in my spiritual walk?

What I am is not what I always thought I was. Who I have thought myself to be does not have to be my reality anymore. What I have been trying to gain from the external world is and always has been insufficient. There is an Infinite Intelligence within each one of us. So we should start acting that way. Once hopelessly defeated by my selfish actions, I came to the realization that if I do not get outside of myself and pass everything that I have gained from Power. I will most certainly drink again. I will continue to be blocked off from the Infinite Love that I have always been seeking. This has been my experience over and over again. How free that I am is not around what I am saying. It has come down to what I am willing to do. What are you willing to do today?

Today I will pray for others and extend my Enlightened Self out to them. Today I will be empowered by a new sense of Love by giving of myself. Today I will know Peace. Today I will act like the Intelligent Agent God designed me to be.


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