6 Signs Your Son is Using Pills

Signs of drug addiction

1. Changes in mood and erratic behavior

Mercurial mood swings is a classic indicator of substance abuse, and is directly related to whether or not a user has the ability to get high. Pills such as morphine, hydrocodone, dilaudid, oxycontin and others have the effect of creating vast valleys of moods that line up with the users ability to maintain his level of intoxication. Depressed, angry or irritable moods can indicate an inability to get pills or use them. This can also be indicative of a certain level of detoxification from these pills, as a user who has become dependant will have moods to match his level of unintentional sobriety.

2. Financial difficulties

Each of these signs is indicative of any type of drug abuse, and here we have another sign that spells out unhealthy behavior, or acts as a warning sign that something is not right. If an individual who has never had problems with money suddenly is unable to maintain a balance in his account, or is constantly asking for money, that should act as a red flag. Clearly they are unable to control their spending as the result of some event, such as the introduction of prescription medicine into their life.

3. Recurring sickness

This is consistent with any opioid addiction. No matter the circumstances, there will always be a time when an abuser is unable to get what they need to maintain intoxication. It could be a lack of supply or a lack of money, but the result is the same for someone who is addicted. Sickness. This is characterized by insomnia, vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea, sensitive skin, sweats and tremors. If you see these symptoms on a regular basis, it could mean that your son is suffering from an addiction to pills, instead of a run-of-the-mill flu. 

4. Cleptomania

Whether it’s a case of prescription medicine going missing, money going missing, or other valuable disappearing, a spike in thievery from your son is a tell-tale sign of something very wrong. It begs the question “what does my son need so much money for?” and “what is driving my son, who has never been a thief, to steal?” The answer may be that he has no other choice. When encountered with a void in his supply of pills, and faced with a debilitating sickness, he would rather steal to get what he needs than suffer the consequences of not being able to maintain his intoxication. It becomes a matter of life and death.

5. Apathy

This is directly related to the effects produced by abusing pills. Apathy towards activities that he once found interesting, or an apathy towards other people is a sign that your son may be using something that dulls his ability to become excited or empathize. Such is part of the effect of abusing prescription medication, and indeed part of the reason why your son may be abusing pills.  

6. Dishonesty

Of all the examples given, dishonesty is the most common denominator of all drug and alcohol abuse. A sudden increase in the amount your son lies to you, about anything from his whereabouts to the stealing to emotional problems to his use of substances; anything really, is indicative that he really wants to hide a major part of his life, such as the abuse of substances.

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