5 Uncommon Drugs That Can Be Abused

Medication abuse

It makes sense that drugs like cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine are well-known around the country: they are some of the most commonly abused drugs in the United States.

But, of course, these three aren’t the only drugs of abuse. There are hundreds of thousands of substances that can create a high when ingested. Let’s take a look at a handful of less commonly abused drugs that are out there.


Ayahuasca contains the drug DMT, and comes from a type of vine that grows in South America combined with several types of leaves. The end product is a drinkable substance that produces psychoactive effects.

The drug was initially used for spiritual purposes by Amazonian tribes and was considered a medicine for healing internal wounds. Ayahuasca retreats in South and Central America are frequented by Westerners hoping to expand their consciousness and experience a spiritual awakening.


Carbogen is another psychedelic drug and is a mixture of carbon dioxide and oxygen. Upon its creation, the drug was used in psychotherapy and was thought to cure patients of their neuroses.

Carbogyn is inhaled and causes the brain to react as if it is being suffocated by inducing faster, deeper breathing, and a quicker heart rate. Recreational users claim the drug helps them clear away repressed emotions, allowing them to have profound experiences.

Cat Nip

Popular among cats, it turns out cat nip can have an effect on humans as well.

Cat nip comes from a plant called nepeta cataria L., which is easy to grow at home or purchase from a pet store. In humans, it creates sedative effects, so cat nip tea has become a home remedy for headaches and sleep difficulties.


Also known as “prison wine”, pruno is an alcoholic beverage that is largely made and drunk by prisoners in jail. The beverage is made by fermenting fruit, fruit juices, and sugar along with bread.

Alcohol content in the drink ranges from 2% to 14%, and this is influenced by the amount of sugar involved in the fermentation process. Prisoners are not allowed to have any alcoholic beverages while serving their sentence, so they must conceal the pruno from officers.

Psychoactive Toads

No, this isn’t a street name for a new synthetic drug. Certain species of toads (yes, the animal) secrete a type of poison through their skin. This poison is meant to keep predators away, but humans that ingest it can experience hallucinogenic highs.

Not only is this method of getting high extremely unsanitary, the toxins in the toads’ poison can easily cause humans to get very sick or even die.

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