5 Signs My Partner is an Alcoholic

5 Signs My Partner is an Alcoholic

Because alcohol is so easily obtainable and a common part of most adults’ social lives in the US, it can be difficult to discern whether your partner’s drinking habits are normal or a sign of a problem. Chances are, though, that if your partner’s drinking concerns you, you can trust your gut. Learn these 5 signs my partner is an alcoholic.

Even though alcoholism isn’t always obvious at the beginning, below are some red flags to keep an eye out for.

They’re Drinking Frequently

Alcoholism is a unique disease in that it can hide in plain sight.

Going out to watch the football game and having a couple of beers with their buddies every week isn’t a big deal in and of itself. But if your partner’s entire social life revolves around alcohol, they drink to celebrate, to cheer up, to relieve stress, or any other excuse they can think of, this is likely a sign of a bigger problem.

They’re Irritable When Not Drinking

If your partner is in a situation where they can’t drink for a long period of time and they become irritable, this may be cause for concern.

Irritability is a mild symptom of alcohol withdrawal. When someone drinks heavily for a period of time, their brain begins overproducing chemicals to try and make up for alcohol’s depressive effects. When they stop drinking, the brain continues to produce too much of these chemicals for a period of time, which causes these withdrawal symptoms.

In Fact, They Won’t Go to Events Where They Can’t Drink

Alcohol is such a big and important part of an alcoholic’s life that they might not even want to go to an event where they can’t drink. Nephew’s baptism? No way. Cousin’s wedding reception? Absolutely.

They Become a Different Person When Drinking

Someone who is an alcoholic might have a high enough alcohol tolerance that they don’t seem drunk after a few drinks, but their personality may change.

For example, if your partner is normally a very sweet and kind person, but becomes aggressive and mean after they start drinking, this could be a sign of alcoholism. Because of the way alcohol affects your brain chemistry, behavior changes are very common when an alcoholic is drinking.

They’re Experiencing Problems with Work or Money

Unfortunately, it’s one of the classic signs of addiction. If your partner is suddenly struggling with money and/or repeatedly getting in trouble at work for tardiness, absenteeism, or performance, they could have an alcohol problem.  

Now, of course, on its own this is not indicative of an alcohol addiction. But if the problems seem to come on suddenly and are coupled with other warning signs listed above, it’s possible that your partner is suffering from alcoholism.

If you have ever wondered if you partner is showing signs of being an alcoholic and match these 5 signs, the sooner you can talk to your partner about joining a recovery program or community, the better. Their chances of achieving recovery increase the earlier they receive help. At Any Length, we specialize in helping addicted men and their families achieve lifelong recovery. Give us a call today at (512) 746-7036.

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