The Present Moment is Free

“The greatest human quest is to know what one must do to become a human being.”


The present moment is free. We have sometimes found it impossible to be in the moment. Today, I was driving to visit a friend in the hospital and ran a red light. Nothing tragic happened. I may or may not receive a ticket in the mail. Yesterday, a friend of mine was hit by a car. He was not in the moment and walked into the street without looking. Bam. In the blink of an eye, our lives can drastically change. I meditated on this after I ran that light. How many times in the past have I done something when I should not have been walking around because I was sleepwalking this earth. God’s grace. My friend escaped with an ankle broken in three places and a hemorrhage in the brain. He will recover in about three months. God is good. Take time today, before we begin any activity, to get centered and focused. Be still in the moment and listen. It might mean the difference between life and death.

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