The Importance Of Honesty

4 Facts About Addiction Many People Don’t Understand

Part of the baggage that comes along with being a drug addict is the perfected skill of lying and dishonesty. It is practiced in every area of life when you are suffering with a drug or alcohol addiction. Lying was a way to avoid responsibility for actions, manipulate others for money or drugs, and way to cope with yourself through the addiction by telling yourself “I’m not that addicted”.The fact of the matter is that even though it seems like dishonesty is serving you in some ways, it is really hurting you and pushing you further into the depths of drug addiction.

The recovery journey takes a lifetime, and there are many obstacles that pop up and give us hard lessons. However, honesty is an important tool that helps guide us through that journey. Honesty is absolutely critical in keeping us sober, and it is vital in making us genuine and truthful people.

Honesty is taught from a young age throughout school and home. While most us understand generally what honesty is all about, it doesn’t hurt to look at what honesty really means. Honesty is about being open and displaying trustworthiness to others. Being honest means that you are able to tell the truth about yourself and the things that you say and do, even though sometimes it is uncomfortable to face your actions that may cause disappointment and anger in others.

When you make the commitment to live recovery, you need to also make the commitment to become honest with yourself and others. I have learned after many failed attempts at maintaining recovery that half measures in the program are never successful. We need to be all in in our programs of recovery to face the truth and address the underlying roots of our addiction. That’s why the program of recovery stresses the importance of rigorous honesty.  

Rigorous honesty means telling the truth even when it is much easier to lie or omitting the truth. Rigorous honesty also means that you are upfront with your thoughts and feelings even when there may be consequences for those actions. The practice of honesty not only will pull you from the grips of addictive thoughts and behaviors, it will also help you to become a better person in every aspect of your life. By being honest with yourself in recovery, you attract honest and open friendships where you can be your true self and express who you truly are. When you become more trustworthy, you begin to love and understand yourself. You begin to heal from the brokenness that drug addiction has left you in.

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