Morning Reflection

Morning Reflection

At Any Length, through our experience, we have found morning prayer and meditation effective. We believe, especially early on in recovery and in sober living houses, it is important to lay down a solid foundation. So, why not begin each day with seeking God? At Any Length, we begin each day with prayer and meditation.

Prayer and meditation are two extremely useful tools when it comes to recovering from addiction because they help us let go of our ego and put our trust in a higher power. I could go on and on about the benefits of prayer and meditation, but the short version is that both tools allow us to release stress. By releasing stress, our brains and bodies are able to become less rigid and make our mind more adaptable to this new, sober way of living our lives.

One simple and easy way to begin adding prayer or meditation to your daily routine is by beginning each day with a reflection or affirmation.

A Sample Morning Reflection

My friend passed this daily affirmation on to me and I am here to pass it on to you. If you enjoy it, please feel free to pass it on to someone else who may find it useful:

“Upon awakening I turn to You Father, I am filled with love and gratitude – I am devoted, dedicated, committed to do Your will, Father – consciously known or unknown – I am receiving whatever it takes to rewrite and rewire my personal  “reality” with the Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, social equivalents of Your will, Father, for me on my serendipity journey Home to You – I listen to Your Holy Voice directing me in a way I can currently hear understand and follow – I see Your Presence with my eyes of  faith  – Father I am as you created me Your child and a loving sibling to all – It is You, Father, within me, doing the works that we call life – Father, I do love You, and my Hero, Jesus, all my Spiritual teachers – I am taught by your inspired words and my daily events – I want and I need You and Yours – Because I am loved, healed, taught, forgiven, empowered, enlightened, enriched, communicated to, co-created with and awakened I say to all openly or silently come let me love you, heal you, teach you, forgive you, empower you, enlighten you, enrich you, communicate with you, co-create with you and awaken with you and I  will – I have – I am – this is the day You have made, Father let us rejoice in it and share the love we all are.”

The quieter we become the more we hear. When we enter into the silence we enter the “secret place of the Most High,” the closet of prayer within. We close the door and in the stillness of that meeting place we pray to God, we commune with God, and we meditate on Truth and listen to what God has to say to us in this sea of Selah Consciousness… Tranquil, secure, at rest, silence, pause, quiet. Selah is that state of mind in which we relax from affirming Truth and wait on God in the stillness. Then, the Holy Spirit may reveal more of its inspirations to us and may establish us more firmly in divine harmony and good.

If you’re currently struggling with substance abuse or addiction and would like to connect with a higher power to start on the road to lifelong recovery, know that it is possible. At Any Length, we help men heal from addiction through the application of the 12 Steps. Give us a call at (512) 598-5595 today to learn how we can help you.

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