How Does Sober Living Help Maintain Sobriety?

If you’ve been looking into or have recently completed a treatment program for drug or alcohol addiction, you’ve likely come across sober living programs. Maybe you’ve wondered whether sober living is actually helpful.

Sober living homes provide residents with a stepping stone from inpatient treatment to “normal” life. In the 18 months following completion of treatment, statistics show the rates of abstinence from drugs and alcohol are higher for residents of sober living homes.

There’s no doubt that sober living is an effective tool for helping maintain sobriety. What is it that sober living programs offer that makes them so successful?

A Safe Place to Readjust

It’s ignorant to believe that simply completing a treatment program means an addiction is immediately cured. 

One of the reasons residential treatment facilities are so successful is the way they disrupt participants’ daily routines. By opting for a sober living program, the participant is choosing to stay in an unfamiliar environment, continuing to create space for building new, positive habits.

There is often not enough time between recovery and a return to normal life to really use the tools learned in treatment. Sober living homes act as a safe place for those who are serious about recovery to practice living by these new principles in a safe and compassionate environment.

Accountability and Continued Support

A solid support system is one of the keys to avoiding a relapse. 

Sober living programs continue to offer residents support through their challenges by providing ongoing meetings. Individual counselling is often offered for those who need more support than a group session can provide. Additionally, things like curfews and random drug or alcohol tests keep the residents accountable for maintaining their sobriety.

The sober living community helps residents reintegrate into normal life while making resources easily available to get stronger both physically and mentally. 

Assistance with Next Steps

Addiction can wreak havoc on every aspect of your life, and by the time one has entered and completed a treatment program, they may feel like they are starting from scratch in some areas. 

Some people who have graduated from treatment may now be on the lookout for a new job, but unsure how to begin the process. Many sober living communities will have resources available for making the job hunt easier and improving interview skills.

If you’re worried about your ability to stick to your sobriety on your own after you’ve completed your treatment program, feel like you need more support, or aren’t quite prepared to face the “real world” just yet, a sober living home may be right for you. 

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