The Importance of a Higher Power and Why it can be Anything You Want

Do you ever just wake up and sometimes feel like you’re in a bad version of Groundhogs Day? Nothing new or exciting really going on as routine and structure dictate the details of your life. Day in and day out- punch in and punch out. Everything just kind of becomes predictable. It can be a good thing and a bad thing.

However, it seems sometimes that life just gets to this monotonous point where we start having questions like “why bother?” burning into the walls of our brains. What is it that helps us get up every single morning and put one foot in front of the other? What is it that drives a person to keep moving forward with the single notion of “hope”? Whatever it is that some equivocate that to, to me there is undeniable help coming from a higher power.

Seeing Isn’t Believing

Sometimes there is a very thin line between imagination and reality. At least that is the case for the discussion of spirituality and having a higher power on your side for support. To simply put in my own personal definition- life is all about loving and giving. No single person on this planet can make it through a plush and successful life without help. Acts of altruism and kindness go a long way and do wonders for the soul. It truly is internal medicine. My take on this life is that it comes in full circle. Whatever you put into life is usually what you’re going to get back.

Having a higher power or some form of a stronger entity to depend upon will help anybody through their darkest of days. This concept will help to implement the golden rule into your life as we begin to treat others as we wish to be treated. Why can’t we treat others with love and kindness like our higher power does us? Love makes us all giddy and is associated with happiness and other positive emotions. Love and happiness coincide with each other as we develop an ever growing selfless mindset. When you push this idea to its threshold, you’ll be amazed at the sense of purpose and accomplishment that comes with it.

A Power Greater than Ourselves

In this life like weeds, we are the dirt that roots and manifests our own problems usually. We are generally the product of our own decisions and it’s on us to learn from our own mistakes. In regards to a higher power, the idea of growth and being open minded are tremendously imperative when embarking on a road of spirituality. Keeping in mind that our higher power doesn’t have to be like the man-made descriptions we hear pray tale in the literature of various religious denominations. No no no- these are the ideas that turn people away and make them hiss like a cat when the word “God” or some form of it is mentioned.

Most people in life do not like to be told what to do. They want that small level of independence, at the least, as it’s in our nature. Maintaining that your higher power can be anything you want it to be is crucial because of the benefits that come with when we are able to step over this silly little mental barrier. When it comes to believing and carrying on in faith, who’s to say who is right? Whatever belief gets you through your day and trudging down the road to happiness is what really matters.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Jesus Christ himself, Buddha, or a gigantic flying spaghetti monster- the point is that they all work. The sad reality of it is that when speaking of religion specifically, it’s my word against yours. My God could kick your God’s butt. This leads to disagreement and war. More bloodshed has been spilled on this planet over religion than anything else in the world. Ironically, this is why there is chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Everybody is entitled to their opinion and whatever conscious contact with a higher power is decided upon for yourself- remember it’s for yourself. It is no way should affect others, but many in the world do not see things with such open mindedness.


Everything Could be Anything

Fate is an odd thing that really opens our eyes to the peculiar circumstances that surround us. Too many things happen that are coincidence. Or specific events take place that couldn’t have gone any better if you’d orchestrated them yourself- or any worse. Sometimes life can be stranger than fiction.

The point being is that having a higher power on your side as something to just have faith in will help to push you. A God of your understanding can help open your eyes and change your perspective on life as that strength surrounds itself about you. More times than not, my higher power has brought about revelations or encouraged me to walk through things that I could not on my own- like a spiritual crutch if you will. Having this on your side will help to open your eyes to the deeper meanings in life that we chase. It can help as simply as changing your dreams to hopes to ambitions to reality. Take advantage of that stronger entity- it may be that quiet voice of reason when it’s needed most.

Do Yourself a Favor

Sometimes in the thick of addiction and alcoholism, we lose sight of all hope and allow the shackles of our chemical dependency to remain locked tightly. We forget about the higher power trying to help us as we attempt to throw away the keys to our life. Nobody deserves to be slaved underneath chemical dependency. If you or a loved one has been struggling to make the next step, please call 866-433-1992 or visit  We have trained specialists on standby ready to help you start sending your life in a direction that will have you come out on top feeling healthy and happy with the outcome of your future. The time to love yourself is now.

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