3 Ways to Maintain A Sense of Community Virtually

Three Ways to Maintain a Sense of Community Virtually

Recovering from addiction during a worldwide lockdown presents a unique set of challenges to overcome. Many recovery programs (including us!) speak about the importance of being involved in a community. However, it can be hard to feel a connection with other people when you’re not able to physically see them in person!

You may want to think about being proactive about minimizing any negative feelings that may affect your recovery. If you think you’ll be missing your time with other people, get creative and figure out a few ways you can continue interacting with your community using technology.

Even if you aren’t worried about loneliness or boredom triggering a relapse in this era of social distancing, it’s always better to be safe than sorry and strengthen your commitment to your recovery.

Sign Up for Virtual Recovery Meetings

Just as many schools and businesses have shifted their operations online, so too have many recovery organizations. In fact, most outpatient recovery meetings are now happening online. Check out the list below to find out just a few of the many options available to you:

Continue Meeting with Your Recovery Coach, Sponsor, or Sponsee

If you’re concerned about how loneliness or boredom becoming a trigger, reach out to someone whose job it is to help you stay accountable. If you need someone to vent to, arrange a phone or video chat meeting with your sponsor.

If you’re really worried about how this lockdown will affect your recovery and think you need more support than your sponsor can provide, consider reaching out to a recovery coach. Recovery coaches are trained to provide emotional support and help individuals focus on their future.

Another great way to help hold yourself accountable to your recovery is to arrange a phone or video meeting with your sponsee if you have one. Checking in with your sponsee may help to remind you of all the progress you’ve made and reinforce the fact that you’re now a mentor to someone else.

Spend Time with Good Influences

Whether it’s your family, old friends who have always been there for you, or new friends you’ve made during your recovery journey, start making plans in your (virtual) social calendar!

No matter who it is, if you have a loved one you trust and enjoy spending time with, send them a text and arrange for a coffee date over video chat. If you want to get a group of friends together, consider hosting a party on Zoom or Skype! Arrange a bring-your-own-dinner party, complete with online board games or card games and finish off the evening by watching a movie together!

Check out our other resources for your recovery during COVID-19: diet advice, continuing group sessions online, managing loneliness, and improving motivation to prevent boredom.

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