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Are You Really Sober If You Are Using Steroids?

Some forms of coping in recovery is putting down the needle and picking up the weights and dumbbells. Getting back in shape, pushing oneself to be the best they can be, and even building muscle mass through body building can help ease your mind and stay sober. However, one may become obsessed with getting bigger and better and turn to steroids to help build body mass and achieve the body that they desire. The question then becomes, are you sober if you use steroids in recovery?

Steroids are in fact drugs made of synthetic testosterone used to imitate the natural male hormone. Steroids are commonly used by teens to induce delayed puberty, by adults to treat impotence and to treat the wasting of muscle due to disease. It is completely normal to hear someone who has been sick for a long time has been given a steroid by his or her doctor, but if ones steroid use expands past what a doctor prescribes, you are abusing the drug. While steroids promote the growth of muscle mass, it also develops male sexual characteristics in people who use the drug. These characteristics can include violent and aggressive behavior when steroids are abused.

Steroids can be used in recovery if prescribed by a doctor and taken for a short time as directed for a health problem, not for competitive muscle building. The problem is, most people who use steroids are using them to alter their body and usually without a prescription.

Any drug taken to alter your mood or enhance your performance in any way, is not sobriety. Taking a steroid because you have a medical condition that requires the drug to heal you, is sobriety when taken as directed. Steroids, like any other drug, can be abused and lead to addiction. Recovery is all about trusting God and being true to yourself by really loving the person that you are and not having to alter yourself in unhealthy habits. If you are illegally using steroids to change how you look then you are not in recovery and are indeed abusing drugs. You do not need to be the strongest, smartest, or best looking person in the room to recover from drug addiction and help other drug addicts recover.

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