Recovery Integration Coaching

What if your loved one could become fully self supporting financially, emotionally, and spiritually?

Our Recovery Integration Coaching (R.I.C) empowers clients in early recovery to find their passions and go above and beyond what their minds tell them that they can achieve.

R.I.C. works side by side with our clients teaching them how to become fully self-supporting, financially, emotionally, and spiritually. Our ultimate goal is to be a guide to support, encourage, and challenge clients to create a life they truly crave.

R.I.C. Includes

  • Resume Building guidance.
  • Job Interview preparation.
  • Money management planning and accountability: We work with our clients on creating a budget and hold them accountable to fulfill on their plan to secure their future.
  • Separating needs from wants: Responsible spending for future planning.
  • Healthy relationship navigation: work with clients on setting boundaries to ensure that they are spending time with healthy individuals.
  • Time management: Creating schedules with recovery as the backbone while doing the things necessary to become not just a member of the recovery community, but a productive member of society.