Sober Living Programs: 30-Day to 9-Month Programs Available

Statistics testify to the benefits of a sober house living arrangement for those who are serious about recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Relapse is much more likely to occur in the first few months after detoxification, so one of the key elements of recovery is time spent in an accountable environment where they can practice new habits of sobriety and well-being. Far too often, this step is shortened or skipped entirely, giving the recovering addict no opportunity to build healthy life patterns between detox and a return to normal life.

Our accountable residential program provides a safe, compassionate, and strict environment to readjust from substance abuse. An excellent sober house also instills hope for the future, builds confidence, and encourages personal responsibility. The physical and emotional hardships experienced during initial recovery are countered by the “normal” atmospheres of sober living homes.

It’s a cultural misunderstanding that rehab alone alleviates drug addiction upon completion of the program. We hope that rehab, like a trip to an operating room, will solve the issue of addiction once and for all. However, addiction is more akin to chronic muscle pain than a pesky appendix. A rigorous, long-term system of continued physical therapy is needed to ensure that the problem is dealt with fully and comprehensively.

The first year of sobriety is the foundation for a lifetime of recovery, and our dictum at Any Length is “Recovered for Life.”

Our program is uniquely designed to improve the current recovery model and provide a consistent continuum of care.

Prerequisite for Sober Living – 30-90 days inpatient facility (90 days recommended)

Phase 1- Entry (3 months)

Entering back into the world, newly sober, is the most paramount time. Any Length Recovery Residence, unlike most sober living programs, has a staff member completely dedicated to this step in the journey to wellness. This staff member immediately begins acting to meet the needs of the guest. During this period, the guest will meet with staff individually, on a weekly basis, to discuss struggles and to discover solutions. In addition, the family will be given weekly progress reports. The guest will be drug and alcohol tested weekly; community group check-in will take place weekly.

Phase 1 monthly fee $1200 (+$300 intake for 1st month)

Phase 2- Consistency (3 months)

Once the client has demonstrated a successful entry phase, they will be promoted to phase 2. The guest will meet with Any Length staff on a bi-weekly basis. In return, the family will be given bi-weekly progress reports. The guest will be drug and alcohol tested weekly; community group check-in will take place weekly.

Phase 2 monthly fee- $1000

Phase 3- Independence (3 months)

In these final months, the guest will be simulating life with minimal accountability. Staff and guest meetings will take place once a month. The family contact will be updated once a month. The guest will be drug and alcohol tested bi-weekly; community group check-in will take place bi-weekly.

Phase 3 monthly fee- $800

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