Heroin Addiction

Heroin is an opiate that is produced from the opium poppy, a flower which is found in various parts of the world and is also one of the most addicting drugs that exists. With nearly 16,000 overdose-related deaths in 2017 with this number steadily climbing, it’s apparent that heroin is also a very deadly one.

Many addicts have at one point been presented with the thought of, “I could try this once and not get addicted.” soon to be followed with their first experience with heroin and no turning back. The reason for this is due to the flood of dopamine that occurs in the brain when using heroin; a rush that many might say is the most blissful and euphoric feeling that you could possibly experience. After associating this feeling with repeated use, not only does a severe habit form, but the brain also begins to respond differently. It begins to greatly exhaust itself and dampen the response from the dopamine you feel from heroin; causing users to repeatedly return back to the drug which means that more heroin is required in order to feel anything similar to the first high that was felt. To extend on this, because of the constant surges of dopamine being released into the brain it makes it near impossible to feel any sort of pleasure that you might have been used to. Heroin addicts have a hard time feeling any sort of satisfaction from even the things that they might have once felt satisfaction from.

Those who use heroin for extended amounts of time find that it becomes harder and harder to disassociate themselves from the drug while coming to a point that their life strictly revolves around chasing their next high — having a negative impact on other aspects of life such as relationships, employment, and recreational activities. A number of addicts would describe heroin addiction as something that is bittersweet to them: even under the influence and having that sense of tranquility from heroin, it’s still a major realization that life has become unmanageable. The constant feeling of helplessness from heroin addiction is emotionally draining and exhausting. When pairing this feeling with withdrawal symptoms from heroin use, it can certainly feel like the world is ending and there’s no hope.

Withdrawals from sustained use are another reason as to why a heroin addict chooses to return back to the drug endlessly as the extreme feeling of discomfort and being “dope sick” is something that is difficult to withstand for any period of time. Some of the many symptoms include vomiting, cold sweats, restlessness, nausea, depression, muscle spasms, agitation and pain throughout the body. For a true heroin addict, it’s recommended that this person seeks help through a treatment center to be provided with a solution to come clean and return back to a life that they desire to live. It’s important to understand and know that it is possible to recover from heroin addiction — that there is hope.