Sober Living is an Essential Element

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Sober Living is an essential element for an individual who has graduated from an addiction treatment center. Whether that individual is an alcoholic or an addict, a Sober Living home can provide the necessary structure and accountability for one who is trying to recover from alcoholism and addiction. Sober Living homes are recommended for the individual that has participated in drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs for either 30-days, 60-days, and 90-days or longer. The best reason you should consider coming to a Sober Living environment is that, if you have completed a 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day drug and alcohol treatment program, you have been kept in a safe place learning how to get sober but haven’t actually been able to apply your new found tools in the real world. Many men and women who suffer from drug addiction and alcoholism make the mistake of going home or going on vacation right after they have graduated from an addiction treatment center.


This is a mistake, at Any Length Retreat we recommend that all of our guests go directly from our addiction recovery center to a Sober Living environment. Any Length Retreat strongly suggests this because they want to see their guests continue to build the foundation that they created while participating in our 30-day, 60-day, and/ or 90-day addiction recovery center. Any Length Retreat has seen an increase in recovery for their guests when they have followed our discharge plan that includes going into a Sober Living environment.


While not all guests can go into the Any Length sober living environment, Any Length Retreat still will find a sober living environment that offers a similar level of care as Any Length Sober Living. Any Length sober living provides a unified approach to those who suffer from drug addiction and alcoholism. Our sober living home offers accountability on a peer to peer level and a staff to peer level. The men who come to Any Length sober living are required to become productive members of society, do daily chores, cook and clean up after themselves, do their own laundry, and most importantly remain engaged in the 12 steps. The sober living residents of Any Length remain involved by maintaining a relationship with their sponsor, participating in prayer and meditation, going to 12 step meetings, and helping other alcoholics and addicts on a daily basis.


This engagement in recovery that Any Length sober living provides is one of a kind, and gives our guests the opportunity to permanently recreate their lives if they can remain willing, honest, and open-minded. Any Length sober living has helped many men become productive members of the society of the last six years and has found that a sober living home allows these guest to have a safe environment to come home to, which builds the consistency that is necessary for long-term recovery.

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