Question and Answer

Why should you or a loved one go into a sober living environment or a recovery residence?

Our experience proves that when drug addicts and alcoholics reside in a recovery residence, their liklihood of obtaining longevity in recovery is greatly improved. This, of course, is provided that the individual takes continuous action in his or her program of recovery. The purpose of Any Length is to offer a safe and sober environment with a culture that makes recovery work possible. We bridge the gap between treatment and home life. Individuals who have been to treatment have experienced living in a structured and secure environment while learning basic life skills, such as: waking up early, praying and meditating, performing daily chores, healthy communication, fellowship with like minded people, eating healthy, physical activity, and much more. A sober living home provides space for men and women to continue to practice these daily activities while reducing the safety net over time. Sober living homes are intended to create a less structured environment than treatment, but have more structure and peer support than can be expected in the individuals’ personal home environment. However, no one should live in sober living indefinitely. The ultimate goal is for each individual to phase down over time and eventually transition fully back into society.

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