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Admittance Vs. Acceptance in Addiction Recovery

Admittance Vs. Acceptance in Addiction Recovery

Admittance vs. Acceptance. What is the difference between them in addiction recovery? We’re all familiar with the age-old definition of insanity. You know, the one that kind of gets repeated to you after you’ve done something wrong for the 2nd or 3rd time…. or 6th, 7th, and 8th in my case. Well anyway, “they” say … Read More

Prayer and Meditation

The Importance of Prayer and Meditation

Waking up and getting out of bed, we have lived our lives with the playful concept that there is a right and wrong side of the bed to get out of. In the end, we know that the chances of fate being dependent upon which side of the room our feet hit the floor on … Read More

Good decisions

Why Choose a Recovery Residence

Addiction is a demon that may sleep for a little bit, but never enters and eternal rest. As we scuffle through life smelling the roses here and there and taking it all in, often times addiction decides to take the reins and lead us off path for a while. Most of us never really see … Read More

Drug free

Breakdown and Benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous

Unwelcome situations and uncomfortable moments have been the bane of my existence for years. For some ghastly amount of time, I have created senseless difficulties in my life- over and over again. Not that I personally enjoy encountering said issues, but because I never took a step back to identify the problems in my life … Read More

Help with sobriety

How to Make Sober Supports

Addiction is a demon that may sleep for a little bit, but never ever departs from our sides entirely. As we scuffle through life smelling the roses here and there, often times addiction pulls a “Houdini” and appears out of nowhere. Most of us never really see it coming. We consistently justify our actions and … Read More

Life without alcohol

What to Expect Detoxing from Alcohol

Every coin has a flip side, and this is about the other side of addiction. We’re all just having a grand ole time until the clock strikes twelve, Cinderella loses her glass slipper, and everything’s turning back into a pumpkin. Excuse my analogy, but my point being is that addiction and alcoholism always rear their … Read More

Good addresses

Advantages of Going to an All Male Rehab Facility

Living in a world where we are distracted by the thrill of adventure and blinded from the beauty of morality and predictability, what is one to do to make it in this world? We as addicts and alcoholics, or just human beings in general, we have a way of looking for anything we can to … Read More

Most consumed pills

Top Addictive Prescription Pills

Living in a world of temptation and stress, how is it that we cope with the conglomeration of speed bumps tossed our way? It seems that in today’s day of age you have to constantly paddle just to stay half way above water- and even that’s not enough sometimes. One way or another we manage … Read More

Any Length Men's Addiction Treatment Center

Finding God in the Chores – Any Length Work Ethic

The Any Length Retreat prides itself in doing good solid work. Daily our guests join in work ethic. Whether it is learning how to clean a kitchen properly, sweep and mop the floors, putting in a new window, or repairing a cattle guard. The possibilities are endless for our guests to learn how to do daily work … Read More



What is Meditation? Meditation is about a commitment to yourself and to the power of your understanding to sit still for a period to quiet the mind and focus on the breath. A time to reflect, seek guidance and listen for the intuitive thought. On the journey of recovery, this tool becomes a daily discipline … Read More

You are the solution to your problems.

Look Inside Yourself for a Solution to All Your Problems

Looking inside myself is not something that I am comfortable doing. I would rather get instant relief and seek comfort from the material world. Why is it that I would rather choose comfort over character? Why is it that I need to be disciplined in my spiritual walk? What I am is not what I … Read More

Recovery and sponsorship steps

12 Step Recovery and Sponsorship

I remember the first time I walked through my fear of becoming a sponsor and taking another man through the 12 steps. I had only six months of sobriety and felt like I had nothing to give to another alcoholic. Hundreds of questions continually popped into my head on a daily basis. Did I honestly … Read More

Help with substance abuse

K2 Overdoses On The Rise In Austin Texas.

K2 a common misconception that this will be safe because I can pass a drug test.  K2 has been made attractive along with its easy accessibility in local gas stations, head shops, and adult stores. K2 has been a problem on the rising as well as the popularity of synthetic drugs as a whole. This … Read More

rehabilitation without limits


I am the Mom of a Recovering Alcoholic.  Our lives Changed on February 8 2012. This is Our Story from Alcoholism to Recovery I worried every time that phone rang, especially late at night.  Heading home from work I was expecting 3 of my kids to be heading to Houston, I always loved when they … Read More

Any Length is Nalaxone Trained

Any Length is Nalaxone Trained AUSTIN, Texas — Right now, Austin Police continue to investigate a string of overdose deaths they believe were caused by the drug fentanyl.It’s a synthetic opioid that is 100 times stronger than morphine and can prove lethal in the smallest of doses.This, as the nation struggles with a heroin epidemic. “You fill those holes … Read More

Growing Spiritually

Growing Spiritually

  Growing spiritually is like working out at the gym. After the first training session, I desire immediate results. Similarly, once I begin to seek God, I receive immediate results, though I may not see them or they are not what I expect. Just as I train my muscles at the gym, if I want … Read More

The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift

  What is the greatest gift? Today, step outside of yourself. In doing so I get to go deeper within. Have you ever done something for someone and immediately felt connected to Power? Unblocking self is as simple as saying a prayer for a friend or stopping and giving a compliment to a “stranger”. I … Read More

Spiritual GANGSTA

Spiritual GANGSTA

Are you GANGSTA? GodAnswersNowGrowSelflessToAll There is one who has all Power. May you find Him now! The message which can hold these types (the real deal) must have depth and weight. What has more depth and weight than an alcoholic tapped into an infinite source looking to give all that he has to the next … Read More

Give Thanks

Give Thanks

  Life is truly amazing. We should be truly baffled by the beauty of this world. We are spearheads of God’s ever-advancing creation. We are perfect in the eyes of our Maker, and therefore, should not sell ourselves short. We tried that and only diminished our worth through self-robbery. We make Him proud by simply … Read More

Power Is Within My Friends

Power Is Within My Friends

  PHOTO PROVIDED BY: HANK EDWARDS “The greatest human quest is to know what one must do in order to become a human being.” —IMMANUEL KANT Where do we find power? What kind of power do you want to live by? I believe there are two powers in this world: Darkness and Light. Everything is capable of … Read More

continuous but successful work

Any Length Extended Care – Opening June 1st 2016

Welcome to Any Length Extended Care! We have a structured program that will unify men to work together towards a common solution. We provide an environment for individuals, who like us, could not live with or without drugs or alcohol. We sit down each day with our residents and show them how to live a life … Read More

A Message of Hope

A Message of Hope from an Any Length Alumni- Wayne Johnson

My name is Wayne Johnson, I am a person in recovery. My clean date is 2/12/14. One month before I got out of a three month in patient treatment program, I started having anxiety about where I was going to live. They told me in rehab that I had to change my, “People, Places, and … Read More

Any Length Men's Addiction Treatment Center

Let Go and Let God

Broken Dreams “As children bring their broken toys With tears for us to mend, I brought my broken dreams to God Because He was my Friend. “But instead of leaving Him In peace to work alone, I hung around and tried to help with ways that were my own. At last I snatched them back … Read More

Purpose in life

Purpose in Life

What is the purpose of the 12 steps? It has been our experience that the 12 steps allow an individual who is suffering from over concentration upon ones self to move away from selfishness/self centeredness and begin to live in an unselfish way. The process of the 12 steps in recovery is very simple. So … Read More



Be inspired today. Make a decision to live today as if it were your last. Leave no stone unturned. Take time to think of of others and how you may be helpful to them. Today is a gift, and we get to be present to the the Sunlight of the Spirit. Forgive those whom you … Read More

Grandpa's Farm

Grandpa’s Farm

Grandpas Farm is a great place to be free. The warmth of the sun coming through the drapes and the smell of firewood burning filled the space. My grams stands in the kitchen preparing pumpkin pie and holiday food. Crazy Uncle sits fifteen feet high, cigar in mouth but not even lit, waiting waiting for … Read More

Give Freely

Give Freely

Give like the Earth. Today give of yourself. What if today the trees decided, ” Well guys, we are not going to give out any oxygen today because we do not like the way those humans are treating earth. Let’s see what happens when they cannot breathe.” Thank goodness Mother Earth does not put expectations … Read More

Morning Reflection

Morning Reflection

At Any Length, through our experience, we have found morning prayer and meditation effective. We believe, especially early on in recovery and in sober living houses, it is important to lay down a solid foundation. So, why not begin each day with seeking God? At Any Length, we begin each day with prayer and meditation. … Read More

The importance of a homegroup


Today I have been given the Power to help others. I am not the Power. I have no power. The Power is deep within. I am powerless.  I am happy and free. This, continues to interest me as I continue to grow spiritually. At certain times I feel and think that I am powerful and … Read More



All of the Any Length staff is in recovery, we understand what you and your family has gone through. We have made it through the wringer and have had an experience in recovery that we believe you will not want to miss. Through our experiences, Any Length has developed an effective program that will enable you … Read More

Question and Answer

Question and Answer

Why should you or a loved one go into a sober living environment or a recovery residence? Our experience proves that when drug addicts and alcoholics reside in a recovery residence, their liklihood of obtaining longevity in recovery is greatly improved. This, of course, is provided that the individual takes continuous action in his or … Read More

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous

The label “Alcoholics Anonymous” evokes a certain stigma that most people new to sobriety are not comfortable with. The idea of going to a meeting where someone might see you is uncomfortable in early sobriety. Even admitting that you’re an alcoholic can take time to get used to. Alcoholics Anonymous is Anonymous Alcoholics Anonymous is … Read More

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