Nutrients Needed for Recovering Addicts

Alcohol and drug addiction drains our bodies of the essential vitamins and nutrients we need to feel and perform our best and stay healthy. Below are tips on how to eat and live a healthier life after addiction:

Nutrition for Addicts

Alcohol and drug addiction deprives your body of nutrients leading to decreased energy levels, a weakened immune system, and higher inflammation levels. Without a proper diet, addicts that are in recovery may experience these and other health-related effects of addiction even long after they stop drug usage. This is why nutrition is so important- to help your body to become the best version of itself.

What to Eat for Better Body and Brain Health

Foods with omega-3s: This essential fatty acid is known for its anti-inflammatory effects and it can also help improve anxiety, depression and ADHD. Not only are omega-3s good for your mental health, the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids extend to other parts of your body as well such as your eyes and heart.

How to add omega-3s into your diet: Certain types of fish are full of omega-3s such as salmon, tuna, pollock, mackerel and cod. Not a seafood kind of person? Eggs, avocados and olive oil are also a good source.

Foods high in protein: Amino acids such as the ones found in protein are essential for neurotransmitter production and for nourishing a recovering brain. To expand on this, protein is also great for building muscle mass when combined with exercise.

How to add protein into your diet: Meat is definitely the most prominent source of protein. Try to choose meats that are leaner like fish and poultry, but even an occasional steak or burger is ok.

Foods that have high vitamin C: Vitamin C has long been known as an important piece of a healthy immune system, however, it also offers tons of additional health benefits. Vitamin C is good for eye and heart health and it may also help protect us from stroke and cancer.

How to add vitamin C into your diet: Citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, grapefruit, and limes are all great sources of vitamin C. Aside from fruits, red and green peppers actually contain more vitamin C than any of those citrus fruits mentioned above.

Rehab and recovery isn’t just about past use of alcohol and drugs. It’s about changing your lifestyle as a whole – from the way you eat to the way you cope with your emotions. If you or someone you care about is struggling with addiction, there’s hope at Any Length Retreat.

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