How to Make Sober Supports

Help with sobriety

Addiction is a demon that may sleep for a little bit, but never ever departs from our sides entirely. As we scuffle through life smelling the roses here and there, often times addiction pulls a “Houdini” and appears out of nowhere. Most of us never really see it coming. We consistently justify our actions and thought processes and explain to ourselves that our usage is normal. We compare and ignore everything as it happens right in front of our eyes. Then the mystery happens and we wake up one day and can’t help but wonder what on earth went wrong. Our alcoholic tendencies are showing up full fledge and we haven’t the slightest clue as to what went astray- or so we tell ourselves. All of our sober supports and real friendships have faded away and we find ourselves struggling at the bottom of the barrel. The battle only continues to get ever more intensive as we sink lower and lower into the powerlessness and unmanageability. Companionship and love is all we truly seek at the end of the day, whether we realize it or not. Nobody wants to eat lunch alone. Things eventually sink low enough to where entering recovery and creating a new sober support network seems like the only possible way left to connect with this world that’s flipped us like a pancake into the scalding pan of life. Finding time to bond with like-minded people is a lovely form of true happiness in this life.  

Reach Out for Change

Eventually, some of us contact help and intend to set out on a different path. Being that we are all at different periods in our lives, the next course of action and process is about having faith in our fellow peers. One thing is for certain, though, when your life starts to revolve around chemicals and addiction, the relationships in our life start to change really quick. As stated beforehand, reaching out for help is recommended to all who are struggling in the grips of alcoholic behaviors. For some of us, this includes changing patterns, hang out spots, and the people we consider friends. Often times, the people we consider friends are just using partners and it’s not until a few sober supports have entered our lives that we realize what real friendship can truly mean. Many of us tend to get sucked into the people and places that formulate our habits. So once we start backtracking and modifying our lifestyles, our friends and what we look for in friendship tend to follow suit. Getting of healthy mind and body helps us to see what we want in various relationships in life.

Recognizing the fact that sobriety is ironically the higher ground, we then dive deep into recovery and fellowship. Having a strong fellowship in your life is the key to this whole not getting high or drunk thing. At some point in time, you’re going to need somebody strong to lean onto- it just happens. Life comes swiftly around the corner without any warning all the time and it’s unrealistic to think that we can always be prepared for the events that take place. We all need help in this life and can’t get through it efficiently alone. Some would like to think they can, but that’s the pride, unfortunately, getting in the way of them making life more well-organized/enjoyable for lack of better terms. So having entered recovery- we start building upon this network of sober supports. This empire of friendships can be built in a slew of different ways, but there are some ways of going about it that are the most fruitful.

Going regularly to Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous meetings is a great way to meet new sober supports. Naturally, this is a meeting filled with all sorts of people that are there to overcome addictions and alcoholic thinking of the sort. What better place to meet sober supports than at a gathering of people in the same boat? At these meetings and most anonymous meetings for that matter, they have “phone lists.” This is a list of names of people who regularly attend that meeting and have written their phone number down to be of recovery related assistance. Take one of these phone lists. These little ink blotted pieces of paper are a great way to meet people outside of the meeting or to familiarize yourself with some of the home group members. This is a fantastic way to get to know more people and branch out further- the more people rooting for you the better right? Sometimes people can be a little more timid at first and are extremely introverted, that’s okay, though. Although being social is a necessity for sobriety, there are ways to meet other peers in sobriety such as online. There are various chat rooms and social media groups and sites that can be visited to connect with others. This is much less interactive but it’s a step in the right direction. These groups can really help some struggling alcoholics climb out of their shell and begin feeling open enough to be vulnerable with others about their alcoholism/addiction related issues.

Aside from the phone lists and internet is, of course, the natural way to meet sober supports- by walking up to a stranger and talking to them. Trying to swallow whatever anxiety and nervousness that might be boiling to the top and just greeting some new people at meetings or any other recovery related function is a great way to step out of the shadows. All it takes is just meeting one person and having him/her introduce you to somebody new and keep that ball rolling. Sober supports are everywhere we might think to look for them because addicts and alcoholics are everywhere! Connect to the right people and it may benefit you more than you’ll ever realize.

Be a Sober Support

Nobody said that life was easy, but addiction and alcoholic thinking make sure of that. It’s nice to find people that understand the strife that occurs on a daily basis with this disease. Having somebody to relate to is such a warm feeling on the inside. It’s an even better feeling when you can give AND take in sobriety. Take care of self and the rest will follow because after all, you are the company you carry.   If you or a loved one has been struggling to make the next step, please call 866-433-1992 or visit  Our specialists are ready to help support you and help send your life in a clean and joyful direction that anyone could be proud of.

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