Why Choose a Recovery Residence

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Addiction is a demon that may sleep for a little bit, but never enters and eternal rest. As we scuffle through life smelling the roses here and there and taking it all in, often times addiction decides to take the reins and lead us off path for a while. Most of us never really see it coming, but things start getting bumpy really quickly. We consistently justify our actions and thought processes and rationalize our deceitful and mischievous behavior. We compare to others and ignore all the red flags brightly beaming right in front of our eyes. Then this mystery happens where life continues to chew us up, spit us out- and we have no clue why. We wake up one day and can’t help but wonder, what on earth went wrong. Our alcoholic and addict tendencies start becoming unmanageable. What was once a habit sooner or later becomes our complete existence and reason for it.

Eventually, some of us contact help and intend to set out on a different path. Being that we are all at different periods in our lives, the next course of action can vary depending on your specific case. One thing is for certain, though, when your life starts to revolve around chemicals and addiction, it’s time for a change. As stated beforehand, reaching out for help is recommended to all who are struggling in the grips of alcoholic behaviors. For some of us, this includes changing unhealthy patterns, using buddies, and living situations into proactive routines, friends, and recovery residences.  

Phase Down, Phase Up

Living in a recovery residence with a bunch of strangers never really tickles anybody’s fancy. For starters, this already pushes the idea that you are never alone with this disease. There will be others that have gone through particular things and found themselves in similar circumstances.  Maybe it’s a bit cynical, but there’s a lot of comfort knowing somebody is going through the same trials and tribulations you might be. Not only this but having sober housemates can allow you to still go do things and have somebody to hold you accountable should temptation start to play with your mind. Nobody wants to eat lunch alone at the end of the day. It’s just human nature to want to be loved because we are creatures of emotion. This disease of alcoholism doesn’t stop for anyone, and it’s guaranteed that more people will be suffering from its chokehold that will be living in the recovery residences. Be ahead of the curve and do something that you may need rather than you may want.  


Recovery residences can be that extra step an addict or alcoholic may need to keep the bar high for themselves. A vast majority of the time, recovery residences like halfway houses and various sober livings are step-down situations for addicts and alcoholics coming out of treatment. Regardless if that be the case or not, it’s wise for individuals to use recovery residences as a safety bubble during early recovery and as one works on their life skills. This is a time to take advantage of not being alone and preparing for the mundane and complacency that follows down the road for so many in early sobriety. Making some sort of recovery residence your official home will come with certain terms and conditions to follow, of course. The accountability aspect plays a huge role when transitioning to this type of residency. It may take some adjusting to following somebody else’s set of rules, but the person and character that it can build is worth taking the leap of faith. For instance, urine screenings are usually customary for all living under the roof. This is to ensure that the recovery residence stays as a “safe place.” As addicts and alcoholics, the odds are unfortunately against us and it is common for people like us to relapse. That being said, staying in a secure environment like such can and will prevent various chemicals or booze from being brought onto the premises.

One of the more important aspects of living in a recovery residence comes from how it can help you branch out to a larger network of people. Facing the facts here, with the odds against us- we need as much help as we can get in this lifelong battle. Staying in a stable living situation with other addicts and alcoholics causes us to meet new people and make friends. For some of us more introverted people, this seems like a few extra miles since idle chatter is usually not our forte. Yet, being open minded and trying such is one of the things that will save our lives in the end. Living in a house with a few other addicts and alcoholics will have a chain effect that causes you to meet people maybe you ordinarily wouldn’t. This person introduces you to a friend, that friend introduces you to two people, and so forth and so on until there is an army of sober supports ready to back you. That sounds exaggerated, yes, but that is the intended goal that we are trying to make reality. The more suggestions and advice we can get from others the better, right?  The people that we allow into our close knit circle in sobriety are the ones that will help mold and build us. These friends tend to spend quality time with us in or out of the recovery residence and get to really know you as an individual and can be there to support you when the good times are turning sour. Or possibly, you can be there for them in their darkest hour. It’s not a permanent address for most, so what’s there to lose?

What If you’re Not Ready for That Step?

At the end of the day, some of us require a bit of additional help before comfortably moving into a sober residence of any sort. If you or a loved one has been struggling with addiction or alcoholic thinking and behaviors, please call 1-866-433-1992 or visit www.anylength.net. We have a team of trained specialists waiting on standby to assist anybody in need that wants to better their lives and escape the evil clutches of addiction/alcoholism.   

A life of freedom is just one phone call away

Healing from substance use disorder isn’t linear, but it does always start with taking the first step. Our team of caring admissions specialists are here for you 24/7. Please, reach out, and let us guide you towards freedom and a new way of life.

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