A Message of Hope from an Any Length Alumni- Wayne Johnson

My name is Wayne Johnson, I am a person in recovery. My clean date is 2/12/14. One month before I got out of a three month in patient treatment program, I started having anxiety about where I was going to live. They told me in rehab that I had to change my, “People, Places, and Things” and that meant I couldn’t go back to the place I use to get high at…I couldn’t go back to my home. I had made leaps and bounds in my recovery at the treatment center. I was doing everything I could to be accountable and learn more about the 12 steps. I decided the best thing for me to do was to find a good sober house in Austin. I started looking at different ones and interviewed at several before I found Any Length Recovery Home. I was impressed from the moment I walked in the door. It was clean, well maintained, and had the comforts I was looking for in a temporary home, and that was just on the surface. When I sat down with the house manager and we went over the house rules I was really impressed at the structure and accountability that was asked of Any Length house members. This was actually the deciding factor for me…I felt like I could  grow there. Any Length was a place I felt like I could be a part of a group of men that were all working toward similar goals, there was a sense of community in the house. From the beginning of each day we did morning meditation together, cleaned up the house together and cooked and hung out together. I genuinely felt like the house manager and the owner, who stopped by quite often, were generally interested in my recovery and making sure I succeeded in life. My stay lasted at  Any Length for three months, which was perfect for me. For some folks it takes longer, which is fine, it takes as long as it takes for each individual. My experience with Any Length is one that I remember fondly and I think of as the ideal of what a solid sober living environment should look like. I work in the recovery field now, and I have sent several people in recovery to Any Length and I will continue to do so since I believe in this organization and I know for a fact that they care about their house members and their success. Any Length is not just a sober home…it is a fellowship, and a place where people in recovery can start their new lives safely and with a supportive structure that will benefit them the rest of their lives.

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